Sunday, February 8, 2015

Goddess/High Priestess/Magician/Lighthouse ... I am

It seems like yesterday when I sat in front of the computer to write a blog and now I realized over two months have passed! December was here and gone before I could say Happy Holidays! My trip to Buenos Aires taught me several things but one of the most important lessons I learned was to accept that it is what it is. Sometimes we want to do certain things or we think people will act in a certain way and then they don´t. Those are the times we get disappointed and the reason behind our disappointment is that we have placed expectations that were not satisfied but those expectations were not reality, they were just expectations and in those moments we need to let go and accept reality as is with total understanding that we can not make people or situations be the way we wanted them to be, we can only change the way we behave and choose better in the future.

January brought some memories of past experiences, adjustment to change and the realization that at times there is a disconnect between my intuition and my rational mind and that is also represented in my Hashimoto´s disease where my body is killing the thyroid hormone it produces because it can´t recognize that it´s not a virus. How many times have I ignored the red flags... how many times my intuition said .... wake up!!!! feel!!!! this is true!! you feel it in your gut!!! And instead of listening, I just kept going, I rationalized it and kept going.

Today, I found myself in a state of transformation. I changed my hair color from black to red... what is my father going to say now??? I am still a Priestess of Isis but I don´t have black hair. Well, he could say.. She is a Priestess of Sekhmet and she has red hair LOL. I am also re-evaluating my relationships and how I spend my time. I am 100% responsible of my choices of people, situations and places that are part of my life. I am becoming very selective as time is money and I have several projects that need my time and energy to come to fruition. I don´t want drama, I don´t want distractions, I am focused on the end result and I know I am magick. I don´t do magick, I am magick. I believe in myself to manifest my reality. I will not spend energy in the past or the future but I will be living in the present and allowing myself to make decisions based on how I feel in the present moment. I will listen to my intuition and know that if I feel it is real and I need to act accordingly, no validation needed.

Last year was a compost year, this year I am ready to be reborn. I move passed my divorce and my grieving phase and now I am really do get back in the world as the woman I am. I am a Goddess, a High Priestess, a Magician and a Lighthouse. I know who I am and what I want. Do you know who you are? Share if you do!

Many blessings,

Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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