Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pantheacon 2015 - a healing experience

Three times a charm... Yes, I finally made it to Pantheacon and it was a healing experience. Somehow, before this year, Pantheacon was associated with some dreading experiences such as participating in a controversial women only ritual where transgender women were denied entrance.... or losing the friendship of people I thought were my friends but were not there when I needed them them most.

As you can imagine, it was with hesitation that I got into my car to begin my journey to San Jose. Fear stoke me as I faced the possibility of finding people I may not want to see there as well as the anxiety of the unknown. I knew what classes and events I wanted to attend and I would not let any energy get in my way of getting to those events.

I arrived in my hotel early Friday afternoon and I was able to check in! I left my things there and I couldn´t help but noticed that it was pretty warm and I was not dressed properly with my warrior boots but then after a second I said... yes... I am dressed well! The Maiden Queen in me was smiling and saying let´s go with warrior boots, skirt and power to punch above the waistline! 

I waited for the shuttle for a few minutes when I decided I would walk to the Double Tree Hotel. The lady in the front desk said it was close by so I would just start walking. I put the address in my phone and started walking... yep! I am that type of lady with the gps on the phone guiding her as she walks. I did not need a GPS thought... I could follow my crowd!!! We pagans are easy to spot these days, thank Goddess we don´t need to hide or fear that we will get killed for our beliefs like in the past. 

I arrived at the Double Tree Hotel after following a few people and that´s when the fun began. I felt like when I was in Universal Studios, all by myself, deciding what attractions I wanted to partake at that time. Even though I was by myself, I never felt lonely. There were plenty of people I knew and I felt really supported.

The events I chose to participate were great and met my expectations. I was impressed by The Rite of the Grand Convergence by Black Rose Witchcraft. I enjoyed witnessing this rite as it is very different from the Egyptian rites we practice when I attend the Convocations or the Symposiums under the Temple of Isis and the Fellowship of Isis. 

I also experienced my first Pomba Gira and I had a wonderful partner for that ritual! Thank you Iris! The dancing, the energy, the songs, the drumming were just out of this world. It took me a couple of hours to fall asleep after such a ritual but I wouldn´t have missed it for anything in this world.

Overall, I had a great time there and I am looking forward to being part of that event again. They say you are healed when you have no more feelings about people or situations when you are faced with them. I can say I am healed now! Thank you Pantheacon 2015!


Carolina A. Amor

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