Monday, December 5, 2016

Can you love your enemy?

Today, I sit in contemplation around the question "can you love your enemy?". It is definitely much easier to love those who we like than those who are not on our good side.  Can we love those people who push our buttons? Can we love those who have hurt us in the past? Can we love those who oppose our way of living?

Love and hate are the two extremes of the same energy. That´s why it is easy for friends to fall apart and become enemies as they reverse the polarity of their energetic interaction. If they both want, they can reverse the polarity back and get back to good terms.

As I contemplate this question, I also realize that our enemies, or those who are not on our good side, offer us an opportunity to explore those areas of ourselves that we may not want to assume in ourselves and we project in others. Can you see any characteristics in the people you don´t like that you don´t want to see in yourself? Are these people pushing your buttons because those buttons have the seed of opportunity for you to work on those issues? I feel that people who push us are there because we have an energetic cord that we have not worked on or that is still hurting and they offer us an opportunity to heal. They are there to help us whether we are ready or not. If we are not ready, we may push them away or project bad energy to them. If we are ready to heal those cords, then we will release the need to have an enemy but see ourselves in that person, forgive and let them go.

The moment you see your enemies as your opportunities in disguise, as your teachers, you will realize that they are there for a reason and they are helping you. This will shift your energy and help you let go of the hurt feelings and be in peace with yourself and with others. When you reach that level, you know you can say "yes" to the question can you love your enemy?

Love and Light,

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