Saturday, June 19, 2010

Individuality, Separation and Togetherness

This week, one of my friends wrote this amazing affirmation “I am the woman I was born to be, not the one the world expects me to be. ~Priestess Aura" and I couldn't help but feel the power of those words. It was like a burning call that was telling me this is a key message for women to work with all over the world so I decided to translated it in several languages:

Spanish - "Yo soy la mujer nací para ser, no el que el mundo espera me ."
German - "Ich bin der Frau, die ich geboren wurde, nicht das, was die Welt erwartet von mir zu sein."
Italian - "Io sono la donna sono nata a essere, non quella che il mondo attende me essere".

I kept going, translating it in as many languages as I could from English to Chinese and all of the sudden it dawned on me, language is a barrier. Language separates us. It's like breaking down the Tower of Babel and separating everyone; like patriarchy's message "divide and conquer". It is easier to break down people if they can not communicate, it's easier to believe that we are the only one truth when we don't understand others or are not able to convey our message. With this reality of separation, I started thinking about what brings us together when language is a barrier. Our passions, our heart, and our living on the same world brings us together. For us, women, our blood brings us together. Our mysteries unite us, it does not matter where we live or what language we speak, we are still being born of blood, going through menarche, giving birth, and withholding our blood to become wise women. These mysteries do not change, they don't depend on where we are located or what our nationality is. This is one thing that brings us together and can help us shape our world.

This affirmation also make me think of the movie Alice in Wonderland because Alice was fighting with the expectations of who they wanted her to be and who she really was. It is important to remember that we do not need to be what our parents, society, our religion or anybody wants us to be, we are free to choose our own path, to make our own path. Many times we get sucked into a box persona that is trying to please everyone but himself or herself. Those times, it is good to remember this affirmation and go back to that person we are born to be. It is also important to realize we can not be everything to everyone, and accept our limitations. In the past, I used to want to do everything, to learn everything, to be everything, but as time went by, I realize that focus is better than doing everything and as I walk my path, I am realizing that it is ok to not be a ritualistic priestess, it is ok not to train men, it is ok to focus only in Spanish speakers. Sometimes we try to cover too much and then we end up not covering anything.

Our uniqueness and individuality make us who we are and bring color to the separation that has been created by language, religion, nationality, race, among other things. This separation is just an illusion since we are all part of the same cosmos, live on the same earth. It is time for everyone to be the women or men they are born to be, not the one the world expects you to be."

Blessings )0(

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