Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Already June!

Time flies! It seems like yesterday when I was ordained as a Priestess of Isis and Sekhmet on July 1, 2009, and my first year anniversary is just round the corner. When I was ordained, I remember wondering what type of Priestess I was. Some people have told me that every Priestess is a ritual priestess, others told me that I would find my purpose as I continue walking the path, that Isis would guide me in the right direction. Well, I have to say it, the second group was right! Isis has taken me into her hands and guided me in the right direction. This guidance has not come without some suffering, but as some people say, we don't learn much when everything goes the right way; we learn more when we face challenges. During my journey, I have faced people who called themselves teachers and they are nothing but people who are hungry for money and greed and they are not interested in the learning process, they just see this path as a business, yep, cha-chin mentality. They see people as dollar signs instead of people in a spiritual path. Then there are the others who are having an ego trip and all they do is meant to feed their lack of confidence and self-esteem because those are the people who must feel so bad about themselves that their coping mechanism is to create this imaginary persona that will make them feel better. I have also seen those that think that pretty does it and that being a Priestess is about glitter and make up. Luckily, not everything is bad and there are those one in a blue moon people who touch your life and change it forever. I have to say that I have been blessed with two wonderful teachers in my Priestess path. I am blessed to have worked with Linda Taylor who ordained me as Priestess of Isis and Sekhmet, and currently be studying with Linda Iles who is a wonderful mentor and guide. Like I said, seeing the ugly makes you appreciate the beauty more.

While in this journey, I have discovered that for me, being a Priestess is about devotion and that devotion touches every area in my life. I am not a Full Moon Priestess that only puts on a robe on a Full Moon to lead a ritual. I am a full time Priestess, yes, 24/7! From the moment I wake up till the moment I go to bed. I am a Priestess when I go to the coffee shop, when I work in Corporate America, when I go to the gym, and when I cook at home. I never take my Priestess hat off. I try to see life through the eyes of the Goddess and live from my heart.

My calling as a Priestess has been to be that bridge that connects people to the Goddess. To be the channel to communicate her message to humanity and anyone who is ready to hear it. I don't go out converting people like some other religions do, but I am always trying to bring her out of the darkness and into the light so everyone is able to know She exists and make an informed decision as of what path to follow. I also dream of the day when we can say we are witches without any stigma attached to it, like if you say you are Buddhist or Catholic, yes "I am a witch." I know we are not there yet, but I can use my power and my voice to make that dream a reality or at least move us nearer to that goal in this incarnation.

I also discovered that my role is that of a midwife seeing people being reborn and transformed, evolving and growing as they walk a spiritual path. This process is not easy and part of being a Priestess is to know yourself, to be brave enough to accept your shortcomings and work on healing them, confronting them, releasing them. It is not easy to look at oneself with an objective eye and see those things we don't like, but if we want to help others to do the same, it is important to do it ourselves first. I do believe in lead by example and it will not be honest for me to come and tell people to work on their self-esteem issues when I don't want to look at my own issues. With knowledge comes responsibility and choice, and we have the choice to change what we see once we acknowledge it and confront it.

As Lao-Tsé said "To know others is wisdom, to know yourself is enlightment"

The journey has just began and I am sure that as I evolve, my work will evolve with me, but this is the story so far and I can't believe it is already June!


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