Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When everything seems to go wrong...

Today was one of those days when I felt I was getting hit from every angle. The day started with the light on the panel of my car coming up letting me know that one of my tires was flat... well, it does not tell me which tire but that one tire was flat. Somehow I get out of the car and I do my Argentinean way of testing the tires... kicking really hard like I am playing soccer with the tires... Yes! You guessed it, none of the tires looked or felt flat so here we go again, my car is making me look like I am crazy and it brings more problems to my life than a kid. Yes, it gets sick every now and then. Then, I get to work and things seem to present some opposition. I am getting accused of things I did not do and then what is worse is that the person involved is not even a trustworthy. That makes me wonder how karma works, why does the universe puts tests on our way when we try to be good people? Needless to say, the accusations are about things that happened two years ago. How can somebody expect me to remember what I said two years ago? Come on, I am young but not that young and my memory is not that good either. To top my day off, I found out a dear friend is losing her job and that made me really sad. The whole day seemed to be going down and taking me with the energy. Like in the game collapse, the blocks beneath me were shaking and I was not able to keep afloat.

Then I was reminded of the question that was supposed to drive my year, the reason why I started this blog. Do you remember the question? Yes, that's right, what should a Priestess do? So I decided that I would cast some protection around me and call Diana to come to me and bring the energies of the huntress to my life, the wild woman that does not let life hit her so hard that gets depressed. The woman that is in control of her actions and aware that she is choosing all the time. Life is not happening to me, I am consciously choosing and now I choose to let go of the negativity that the wrong accusations have made me feel and hope that as in magick, this person reaps the consequences three fold. I am also choosing to come to my power, to that place of assertiveness where I can not be shaken but I can be protected. A friend told me today that everything happens for a reason no matter how ugly the situation appeared and I also remember the phrase that adversity introduces a woman to herself and her power. So when everything seems to go wrong, I just sit down, breath and think What should a Priestess do? Then let the Goddess show me the way.

Blessings )0(

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