Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to the Core

While studying different religious systems, I couldn't help but notice how we have moved from the heart to the head. It seems that several religions promulgate the use of the head as a way to seek illumination. We should disconnect from our heart and let go of the body so we can be illuminated. In ancient Egypt, when one died, one had to face the Goddess Ma'at and weight his or her heart against Ma'at's feather. If the heart was heavier than the feather, one would be eaten by a creature who had the head of a crocodile, the body of a cheetah, and the tail of a hippopotamus. This creature identified the three animals the Egyptian people feared the most. One should always wish his or her heart would be as light as the feather. In order to do this, one should lead a life based on the heart, not on the head. Today's society is so focused on the head that the heart becomes heavy. No wonder why there are more and more people dying from heart attacks. It is said cardiovascular disease kills one person every 11 minutes. It is time to start living from the heart if we do not want to end dead. This is a topic that touches me in a very special way since I suffer from supraventricular tachycardia, this is a disease that makes my heart beat really fast when it goes into the cycle and the blood does not flow properly leaving the lower parts of my heart without blood. Somehow, I have learned to associate this situation with paying too much attention to one part in my life leaving other parts unattended or without blood. This situation has motivated me to seek harmony in my life making sure that I don't overwork or overwork out or over anything.

There are times when I feel like human beings are becoming detached from their hearts and bodies. Like when the white men gave mirrors to the natives in order to take their gold, we have bought into technology as being our savior and now we suffer from so many conditions because we live our lives sitting in front of the TV, we don't walk anymore, we don't connect with Nature, we don't connect with our bodies. Western medicine is about pills and giving something to cure one problem but generate twenty issues as side effects. It is time to connect with our bodies, it is time to hear what our hearts have to say, try detaching from your mind and connecting with your heart. If our hearts are lighter, we will live longer, we will be happier, we will feel whole and well. Try connecting with your heart and go back to your core. You'll see the difference.


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