Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shedding my old skin...

"Like the snake shedding its skin, this time represents the time to let go of outworn roles to reveal your true identity. It is time to let go of all the roles that limit your potential and take up the call to explore and express your true self." is the message I've been getting every other day for the past few months. Yes, every morning, I pick up a card and I've been getting the same one every time to the point that I almost know the card by heart! One thing that we learn in the mystery schools is that the lesson will repeat with different players and different places but the same lesson unless the student learns it and can move on so my take on this card is that I am continuously shedding my old skin and transforming. Sometimes I feel like a snake shedding and other times I feel like the phoenix raising from the ashes. Either way, I am always changing and cycling and with each cycle I find that there are people that drop off, topics that don't interest me anymore, groups that do not serve a purpose anymore, and so on.

During this cycle, I feel that I have face one of my demons. The demon that says I am not enough and I can not manifest my dreams or reach my goals. Having run the 5k and finishing has helped me made the click I needed to see that I am healthy and whole and those who do not support me in my journey to wellness can drop off. Usually, the theory says that we attract the energies we are vibrating to our lives so if we are vibrating positive energy, we will attract positive energy. The same happens to the negative side, if you are vibrating at a lower level energy, you will attract people or things that contain that energy. It is always sad to face endings but it is even sadder to stay in a relationship just because we are not able to accept that we don't have anything in common anymore but we are scared of the grieving process of letting that person go. I believe that people come to our lives to teach us things and when the lesson is learned, they move on and leave our side. Right now, I feel I am reaching the end of one journey and with every ending comes a new beginning. The new beginning is awaiting for me, the door is wide open and the question is how to step through it. Will I let my past determine my future? Will I let my old roles determine who I am and limit my potential? The answer is NO, I am ready and even if there is pain associated with ending one phase of my life, the next one has the promise of happiness and fulfillment.

Are you one of those that lingers to relationships because you can not move on? Are you one of those who is not able to let go? Like Astrology says, if you don't make the decision, the universe will decide for you so be brave and step forward, your destiny is awaiting and you are supported!


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