Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finding my Totem Animal

Animals have a tendency to come to us when we need their magick. Last year, on Halloween, I was dressed up for ritual and as I was going out my house, I looked up and there were about 20 crows were flying in circles above me. When my husband saw them he felt intimidated since it was like a picture taken from the movie "birds" but for me, this was a sign, crow magick was coming my way and I would better get ready to receive the message. Since then, crows have appeared everywhere I go. Whether I am at the pool or walking out to get some coffee, meditating or working out, all I need to do is look up and there they are, always surrounding me, always watching over me, showing me that I can create my world, that I can create my own opportunities. Now, even my friends see crows and remember me because they associate these mythological birds with my presence. Looking back, it makes sense that I would choose the name Morgana as my magickal and Priestess name since she is the Lady of Magick and crows are her totem animals and are always around her.

Today, as I meditated about crows and their meaning in my life, I went back to the book "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews and read the section about crows. As Steve Jobs said "we can only connect the dots going backwards but not going forward." So now, reading the meaning of crows, it makes complete sense! In his book, Ted Andrews says that crows symbolize creation and magick and I have been creating and recreating my life since last Halloween. I believe the reason why crows are always present in my life is because they know I understand that life is about change and transformation, that it is ok to be in the void because that's where creation takes place and that's where we can look at ourselves and see what we need to do next and work our magick. Crows are also connected with watching events and always being prepared, adapting and changing, and those characteristics usually define who I am. I also associate them with being my protectors and always watching my steps making sure I don't lose track of what is really important in life, and that is my spirituality and devotion for my path as a Priestess, my role as a midwife for others to find their power, my love for the Goddess and my desire to be a bridge between her and the World.

As I was coming home from my standing meditation practice this morning, I saw three blue jays, and there it was, another sign. As I opened the book and I read the paragraphs about these beautiful birds, I discovered that blue jays are associated with crows, suprised? I was. The message blue jays bring is one of connecting heaven with earth, living a spiritual life in a mundane world, balancing spirituality with practicality. This is a hard task at times because we may get too busy and forget our spirituality, or too spiritual and get our head in the clouds. Harmony is key for working with these energies. The blue jay also talks about the proper use of power and how at times we may be abusing of power or being the recipient of abuse. In my position, I think I've seen plenty of people on power trips about spirituality, being the one an only guru, or the one and only High Priestess. This is a position I don't want to be ever. For me, it is not about fame, not about abusing power or manipulating others. It is about being a bridge between heaven and earth and bringing down the knowledge once I receive it.

Animals, birds, insects, all show us signs and messages. It is up to us to be able to decode them and transform those pieces of information from the Goddess into meaningful things. It is up to us to be open to receive the messages and also be open to accept the suggestions from the Universe. I know the crow is my totem animal and it will always be around me. Now, I look for other signs that can help me in my journey and as I remain myself open, I see more than the every day world, I see the messages from the Goddess.

Blessings )0(

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  1. Crow is also one of my totems. I first noticed Him back in 2006, when He would appear out of nowhere when there was something important I needed to be paying attention to, like a messenger, there he was. The day my mother was buried, 20 - 30 Crows were in the trees, waiting for us at home. There's magick in these critters, a different level of awareness... but I'm sure you know that! It's wonderful knowing that others hear their Caw... and are listening.
    Many Blessings,