Thursday, July 5, 2012

What to do when you can not run...

Run, run, run.... wait a minute! You can´t! How do you deal with situations when you want to run away but you are not able to? Do you sit and relax, trust the universe and the Goddess´ Master Plan? Mmmmmm..... Honest answer.... It´s a little nerve racking and you just have to let go but letting go is one of the hardest lessons I know. Yesterday I experience this situation in real life and it was not fun. I woke up and I felt really down because I could not do all those things I love doing - hiking, biking, running, walking... so I decided that this boot was not going to win and that I was going to go to the park and sit under a tree for a while. If I can´t experience nature the way I used to, at least I can still experience it some other way.

As I was sitting on the grass, I could feel myself grounding and feeling more in tune with myself but at that moment, my friend the wasp came flying around and if you know me, you know I have panic when it comes to insects and more so with those that can sting you. My mind usually works in the same way in every situation... where can I run? Well, that´s not the pattern anymore as I can not run and I can hardly move so when I saw that I said to myself... "remain calm, this little wasp will fly away, everything is ok."

How often are you reaching the point of breaking down and get to experience the wisdom of just sitting with it? Just being quiet and in the moment and knowing everything will be ok? We have a tendency to want to control the future, we want to know what will happen next, we want to feel we are in control. Control is just an illusion and we are never in control, we are just flowing with the energies of the moment and we can stress out and cracked down... like my foot... or we can be flexible and elastic and just swing by. Know that in the grand plan we have a unique part and that no matter how many obstacles we perceive in our path, they are only tools to help us grow and evolve.

One time I read that if everything went ok and there were no problems, people do not learn. It is in obstacles and hardship that we learn our lessons. We become stronger, more confident, and trust the plan because in the end, we know we are the ones that make the plan. It is our visioning or lack of visioning that creates our future. Yes... I have a fractured foot. Yes.... I may not have been ready to take the next step just yet so what you get.... a fractured foot! You guessed it!!

The question is what do you do when you can´t run? You have to face your demons one at a time.

Many blessings,

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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