Friday, September 28, 2012

Feeling Empty... what do you do?

There are times in life when you feel you have no more energy left. You have been running around, trying to do million things at a time, going here and there, meeting everyone else´s needs but your own, and the question becomes - What do you do when you feel you are running on empty?

When I started studying the Queen Teachings with Ava Park, she mentioned that we are like containers filled with energy and that if we have holes in our containers we will leak our precious energy and not have any to manifest our visions and dreams. This idea really stuck with me because I can always feel there are certain activities and people that drain my energy. For example, my work environment can be quite toxic at time because the company´s culture is about exceeding expectations and you can not live giving 110% for a long period of time as it is not sustainable. The consequence is having lots of very unhappy employees radiating negative energy in the environment that after time becomes quite toxic. Being exposed to this type of energy for a long period of time generates exhaustion as it is hard to shield oneself when everyone else is complaining, gossiping, and pessimistic (all energy leaking activities in my book). 

If we take another example, we always have that person that complains about everything, she or he is always playing the victim or being a martyr as if everything bad in the world happens to him or her. These people usually try to suck the energy of others and if you find one of those, you may want to be clear in your communication as that behavior is not acceptable for you and that it needs to change or you will withdraw yourself from that relationship. The question becomes - what do you do when that negative person is in your family and you are not able to be as clear or direct? I still believe that we should talk to them and try to make them understand that the behavior is not life affirming and that if they want to spend time with you, they really need to work on that. Every year, my father comes to visit me for my birthday and spends a month with me. He is the type of person that believes he can fix everyone´s problem or he has an opinion about everyone´s lives. He talks about my husband, my friends, my family, nobody is safe and he always thinks that they are doing something wrong. I find this type of behavior very toxic because his life is not all resolved, he is not an ascended master that has achieve enlightenment so he can shed light to everyone. This behavior for me is draining and I also find it insulting because part of being a Priestess is to work on yourself first, in ritual, in life, with your actions and your vision. You will not go fixing other people´s lives when yours is a mess, you first work on yourself and then that reflects in the world around you. Having studied with Ava for almost a year and having my queen coming out very strong, I am finding my father´s behavior almost unbearable but I am still trying to find a way to communicate this situation without making him feel bad but also trying to set a boundary that this type of behavior is draining me. I am sure I will find a way soon! My Queen is really working on it lately.

These situations have left me quite empty in the past month and at times I feel blue and sad. In order to refill my container, I have found hiking, biking, reading and writing very useful. I also like taking bubble baths to cleanse myself and get back to my queenly being. Another thing that I enjoy is going to the ocean and spending time close to the sea. What do you do when you are feeling empty? I am looking for ideas. I usually provide ideas in my blogs but this time I am looking for suggestions from all of you. I look forward to reading your comments!

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

Note: Ava Park´s book is coming out in October... we are almost there!!! and the Queen teachings will become available online in October as well. Stay tunned!

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