Friday, September 14, 2012

Test Time

After studying with Rev. Ava Park for almost one year, the time has come for the big Queen test. My dad is visiting me during this month and if somebody knows how to push my buttons... that´s him! He has the ability to take me from 0 to 180 in a matter of seconds. I am not sure if it is the fact that he is always giving unsolicited advice or trying to fix everyone´s lives but at times it gets tiring. Both my husband and I are sort of sick right now and since my father arrived, he has been telling me what my husband should do, what my husband should eat, what my husband should drink... the list goes on and on. The other day, I was just so tired of it that I told him straight that I am not my husband´s mother and he is not a child, he is an adult and can eat, drink or do whatever he pleases and that´s ok.

While I was waiting for the car to get washed, I started thinking how to act so this situation does not drive me insane by the end of his visit. I even texted my best friend saying that I needed to find a way... the response I got was "Like a Queen." I couldn´t stop smiling because my friend was right, I needed to get back into my queen self, the self that has been more present in my life for the past year, and deal with the situation from that perspective. I need to incorporate more silence because when I respond, I get upset and I engage and I am too personal, too hot. If I use silence, I can remain impersonal while in my head I repeat the mantra "this is not about me, this is his projection, this is his way of seeing it, this is not my way."

I also handed my father my Queen Laws in Spanish so he knows what the rules of this house are and the fact that he needs to abide by them. I have my Laws posted in the house in English but now I incorporated them in Spanish so he can not pretend he does not understand the Law of the Land.

In thinking of how to react, I remembered when Ava said that the Queen uses humor to deal with some situations and I think that will be my strategy going forward.... "Oh dad, you are so funny" then walk away and not engage. I think it is better than engaging and trying to make him think my way since he will never do that. In using humor I will be able to disengage and just take my power back. If something does cross one of my boundaries, then clarity and honesty in communications will be the way.

It has only been 5 days since he arrived and I already feel this is Test Time. Big Queen Test Time!

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

Note: The Queen Teachings are coming online in October. If you are not able to participate in a Convocation, you can still have the opportunity to learn them online. Ava Park´s Queen of Your Own Realm book is also coming out in October. Keep your eyes open!

Tambien estaran en EspaƱol!!!


  1. Very cool post, Lady Carolina! Please do let us know when Ava Park's book comes out. Thank you!

    1. Yes, I will!!! I can´t wait for the book myself :)