Monday, January 21, 2013

Caro the explorer!

Yesterday, I felt a little bit like Dora the explorer and not because I speak Spanish but because I decided to go on an adventure, LOL! Honestly, I was not aware it was going to be an adventure when it started because my plan was to go to Half Moon Bay to the same restaurant I always go and the same beach I always go... yes, I am a Virgo! Routine is everything in my life!! But I also know that humans plan and Goddess decides so I am always open to changing plans and remain flexible.

As I passed Pacifica and got closer to Half Moon Bay, I hit horrible traffic.Yes, horrible! I could take pictures from my car while driving because we not moving anywhere! The taurus in me told me to stick with it and sit in traffic because the motto is persevere and you will reach your goal. After sitting in traffic for 40 minutes listening to music and observing the landscape, I decided to turn around and go to the first restaurant I saw on the way, a peruvian cuisine restaurant. Turned around and head there to find that the restaurant opened at 5 pm and it was 12:30 pm. Mmmm, that was not going to work. I still got to discover the beautiful Moss Beach and took a few pictures. Looking at Yelp to find a restaurant that was closer to where I was I found the Distillery so I set up the GPS and on my way I went! When I reached the place I had to turn right, a cop car was blocking the way and I was like.... mmmmm... not a good sign. Do I still want to go there? My inner self said YES! So when the cop came to ask me if I needed help as his car was not blocking the way, I looked at him and said "I am going for lunch, is that ok?" He was like sure, move along.... I kept thinking why he would be blocking the way. I guess he needed human interaction or something.

When I got to the restaurant it was amazing. It was an old house next to the ocean and it was supposed to have a ghost, the blue lady! I did not see her but the restaurant was fabulous and the place was breath taking. After eating, there was a hill closed to the restaurant that looked at the ocean. My inner self said "You gotta go there, be the lighthouse and feel the power of the ocean" Getting there was scary as the trail was very thin and if you fell down, you would go down the cliff. As I walked on the trail, I asked my guides and guardian angel to hold me and not let me fall down. When I reached the top of the hill, it was amazing. I could see the horizon, the beach below, and feel the breeze and the energy of the ocean. It was so exhilarating I felt I was alive!!! I  was very grateful that I decided to push through my fear of heights and get on top of the hill.

After that, I decided to head back home but before I can get too far, my inner self said "wait... look... there´s a trail to the forest, go explore!" So I parked my car and went on a little adventure. Little did I know I was going to find a forest that had stairs that took you to the beautiful beach I saw from the top of the hill. In that beach, I found lots of treasures (rocks and shells) and I could see everyone playing. It was such a happy place filled with joy and beauty. I spent a few hours there just taking all those energies in and being grateful that I did not go back but listened to my inner self who was showing me this beautiful paradise.

I know at times I want to stick to the plan because it is safer than trusting the spirit to show us the way but yesterday, I was shown how listening to Spirit can take you to wonderful places that you would not have seen if you had sticked to the plan and remain firm on structure. I am grateful for the experiences and the adventure. I sure feel full of energy and joy. Looking forward to my next adventure! Caro the explorer she goes!

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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