Sunday, January 6, 2013

Perfect not Flawless

2013 has began and it is already bringing new lessons for me! Today, I participated in Yeshe Rabbit´s Conscious Goddess class at the Sacred Well. During this class, Yeshe Rabbit said the phrase "perfect does not mean flawless, it just means perfect with flaws." This phrase really resonated with me because many times I associated the word perfect with something that has no flaws. It is one of my tribal myths or beliefs that perfect means just perfect, no flaws, nothing wrong, no mistakes, just perfect. Flaws and perfect did not go together in my head but today I could think differently when my belief was challenged by a different reality.

What if perfect does mean accepting who we are - good traits and flaws, all of it? It would make sense that I would be perfect even when I have some challenging traits that I am working along the journey of life. The writer, Stuart Wilde, wrote in one of his books that challenges were just ways to help us learn in our journey. If we had no challenges or no flaws, we wouldn´t be on this plane because it would not make any sense and it would be boring.

This class topic was about being the Goddess and acknowledging the Goddess Within all of us. I think accepting ourselves with our flaws is very empowering because when we try to be perfect in the sense of flawless, we just hit the wall. This is an unattainable goal that can never happen because there will be no time when we don´t have any flaws. It is not about denying the flaws, it is about accepting them and transforming them to become whole. 

A few days ago, I decided to start wearing a cross my best friend gave me a few years ago. This cross resembles a plus sign so when I see it, I really don´t see a cross but a plus sign even though I spent several years in Catholic school. This plus sign is a symbol of how I see myself these days. I am more than enough, I am a plus. I add experience, I add knowledge, I add light, I add happiness, I add joy, I add energy and many things more. I am always adding to my realm and if you are part of my circle, if you are part of my realm, you know that´s a plus.

I know I am not flawless but I know I am perfect just the way I am. I know that each mistake has made me the person I am today. Each falling has made me stronger. Each wrong turn has just taken me to my real destination. I know I am perfect, not flawless, but I am definitely a plus.

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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