Monday, December 31, 2012

Living a Magickal Life

Last day of 2012 and here I am writing again! Although it is 2013 in other countries, in the place I am located I am still enjoying the last few hours of 2012. A year filled with magick and poise, expectation and change. The world did not end in 2012 but we have definitely evolved as a planet and we are reaching a different level in our evolutionary journey where we are starting to become awake. People everywhere are becoming to wake up from one dream and beginning a new dream, one filled with peace, harmony, and joy. A dream where the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, is coming back to life and being present in the every day activities.

I am really looking forward to 2013 because I know it will be a year filled with life-transforming change but I am committed to live it in a magickal way. I am ready to work towards manifesting my own dream using magick and letting the Goddess guide me. I want to be the river, flowing to the destination without pushing, without trying to hard, living in the now moment and trusting Goddess and the Universe are putting in my path the lessons I need to learn. Even when thing seem to be collapsing like in the Tower, I will sit with those feelings in my altar and know that no matter what is happening, I will be safe. When Yeshe Rabbit told me the phrase living a magickal life in my reading yesterday, this phrase resonated with me. I am the one casting spells to manifest my dreams. I am the one ritualizing every moment so it becomes meaningful and filled with purpose. Everything has a meaning and I am beginning to discover that. Even when I am walking on the street and see a little fellow (a squirrel), I know he or she has a message to me and I am awake, I am aware, and I am paying attention to the magickal messages that the Universe send my way every day, every minute, every moment.

2013 will be a magickal year and I can feel it. As I told a coworker today... it is lucky 13 so we will make it a great year. Goddess is alive and magick is a-foot.

Happy New Year to All!

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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