Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Storms and Rainbows, Endings and Beginnings

Sometimes we look outside and we see a reflection of what is happening within us. Last Friday, it supposed to be the end of the world as some people have predicted the Mayans had said in their calendar. I am pretty sure there was an error in translation as it is December 25th, 2012 and the world is still spinning so they may need a new dictionary to translate the symbols. Having said that, there was also the theory that the world was going to ascend into a higher vibration and a New Era was going to start so it was the end of the old and the beginning of the new. I do agree with this interpretation of the Mayan Calendar more than the catastrophic interpretation of zombie invasion  and extraterrestrials attacking the Planet Earth.

Having survived the apocalyptic predictions that turned out to be wrong, I can look back and connect the dots as Steve Jobs used to say. Just looking at the weather outside starting Friday morning, we could see huge rain periods with short periods of sun so we could observe a beautiful rainbow. Since I was little, I have always associated the rainbow with good things to come, with happy endings and joy. When I saw the rainbow on Friday, I knew the world was not going to end!!! How could it? There was a rainbow outside and that means the storm has passed, the bad has been washed away and let space for the sun to come out again. This situation repeated again on Saturday and Sunday... yes three days in a row! This made me realized that the New Era has started and that from now on, we have a chance to create our reality the way we want it. 

Looking at the outside signs and symbols, I noticed that I have been living a little bit like the crazy weather that was taking place outside. I had big storms followed by rainbows and then followed by sunny days. The one thing I have to remember is that the sun always comes out after the storm, no matter how terrible the storm is. Yesterday, I went for a walk and as I was going down a hill, I slipped and fell down scratching my left knee. I got up and kept walking but I started thinking... wow, what is it with me and my left leg while I walk? A couple of months ago I broke my left foot so now falling down again six month later felt like a weird thing to happen. Maybe I haven´t learned the lesson, maybe I need to know that even when I fall down, I am strong enough to get up and keep walking because those events just make me stronger. This time, I did not break any bones but the situation really took me back to the time I fell before. It is easy to be grateful about good things happening in life but not as easy to be grateful about the challenging ones. 

Talking about challenging situations and gratitude, last night one of my favorite rings broke. I never had a ring break before but this time, I was trying to fix it and it broke down. I´ve been wearing this ring every day for the past few weeks as it has a stone from my homeland and made me feel connected during the holiday season when we are apart. Needless to say I was really sad when I saw it falling apart and I thought about ways to fixing it until I realized maybe it was time to let it go as it was part of my old self. Maybe it is time to accept that it is what it is and move on, not try to fix it. After my ring broke I went for a walk and when I came back, I noticed I have also lost one of my favorite earrings. I had bought these earrings many years ago in Miami and now one is gone.... yes, the universe was telling me it is time to detach, it is time to let go and accept that the time has come to build a new beginning. That´s why when I was doing my gratitude daily practice this morning, I gave thanks for falling down, I gave thanks for my favorite ring breaking, and I gave thanks for losing my earring.

Even when there are big storms, there can always be a rainbow if we learn to see the sun in the situation. When a door closes, another one opens. There has to be an end so we can have a new beginning.

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina 
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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