Thursday, December 13, 2012

Strong Before, Strong Again

As time passes, we tend to forget the hardships from the past. The tests that destiny has put in our way to make us stronger. As I continue going over the boxes in the storage, I keep finding little pieces of my now forgotten past. The other day, I found the journal for my first year in the US. It was very interesting to see how much I struggled, how much I felt like an outsider and that I did not fit in, my worries about money, security, and survival. I even found two American English Accent Training Materials - I guess I wanted to sound American and feel like I belong here. Now, seeing where I am and where I´ve been, I can see that I gave up trying to fit in and instead, I have made my environment fit me, LOL. I have released the need to try to fit a model or a standard and instead I am shining with my own light, the light of authenticity and inner power.

Yesterday, I had the honor to receive a healing session from one of my students - Hester Aira. After the session, Hester provided me with wonderful feedback about things that were going on in my life and how to improve my situation. How to move from fear to love and from passive planning to action. Everything that she said made sense and I have incorporated into my life as it is meaningful and also relates to the journey I am going through.

After the session, Hester mentioned that I could ask my helpers for signs and they will show me the way as at times I feel I am not seeing situations clearly, I feel like there is too much turbulence and I can´t really tell good from bad, right from wrong, truth from lies. As I walked today, I asked my helpers to send me a sign and here it was, a beautiful egg shape stone. This stone really called my attention, so much so that I picked it up and brought it home with me. This stone meant rebirth and it also meant strength. When I saw it, I felt I was being born again with new foundations, solid foundations that will support my journey to come. These foundations are based on my beliefs and not on societal coding, these foundations are my true self. When I look back, I know I have faced challenges and I have come out victorious. Now, as I am navigating troubled waters, I know I will find my safe harbor if I stay true to myself and build a solid foundation with my helpers by my side. I was strong before and I will be strong again. 

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

Note: I highly recommend a session with Hester Aira, her healing powers are incredible and she will really shed light in your path (lucky for us, she does sessions in person and in the distance!)

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