Sunday, January 27, 2013

Journey to the Red Tent

What an amazing journey!!!! I am still buzzing from my trip to the Goddess Temple of Orange County and participating in the Red Tent!! When the announcement came out in December last year, I felt that I had to be part of this event. I did not know why but I felt I was meant to be there. Looking at the calendar, I noticed the event took place during the Full Moon so I knew my partner in crime and dear Sister Queen was not going to be able to come with me because she needed to hold center for her community during that weekend. It was a challenge! It was an adventure! It was the first time I traveled a long distance all by myself and it was a great experience!

My journey to Irvine was sort of dark... it rained a lot and there was also fog. There were moments when I was driving and I felt I could not see anything! It really scared me but I remain calm. I also noticed a lot of dead animals on the side of the road - deer, wolves, foxes, birds... In the past I would see birds flying or other omens. This time, I felt it was a test. Darkness and lack of clarity, not seeing the road and learning to trust. All those things were part of the experience.

I arrived to Irvine safe after 8 hours of driving and I was ready to go to bed! Instead, I decided to go for dinner to my favorite sushi place and have a meal by myself. The ladies in the restaurant were very nice and made me feel welcome and in company. I had a great evening. On my way back to the hotel, it was too early for the Red Tent so I decided to go to the bar in the hotel and grab a glass of wine, I saw the bar tender who I´ve seen twice before so he recognized me.  It was a good experience overall. There was a funny couple there who was trying to get me to drink some shots and I was very strong in holding my boundaries. They were not happy I said no but I knew my plans and I was not going to mess them to get drunk....

When I arrived to the Goddess Temple of Orange County, the energy was amazing and the Red Tent was set up. What an amazing event! I have to thank Alexis and Isadora for making it happen. It was a space for women to come together to be who we really are without masks. It was a place of rest, a place of peace, a  place of harmony. After being in the Red Tent, I knew why I was meant to be there. I needed a place to charge my batteries to come back. I needed a place where I could just be myself and not be judged. The Red Tent provided this to me.

The rest of the weekend was incredible. I met with Ava Park for Queen Counseling and then we had dinner together. It was a magickal weekend. My way back was smooth and effortless. I was able to get back home in 6 hours from Irvine to the Bay Area and I saw a rainbow. The rainbow told me everything will be great and the trip would be a success.

Now, back at home, I know that my journey to the Red Tent meant more than going to Irvine. It meant a change. I was to feel the power of sovereignty and wholeness within myself, power and adventure. I felt the power of the Maiden in this trip!

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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