Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wide Awake

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends told me I should watch the video Wide Awake by Katy Perry. If you read some of my blogs in 2012, you know Katy Perry talks to me in a very special way so when my friend told me to check this video I couldn´t help but go to youtube and see what she was talking about. After watching the video, I was fascinated! The Hermit! The Tower collapsing! So many symbols hidden in her video and they all talk to me and my last three weeks. I feel I am finally awake and ready to kung fu pow the false foundations and let go of everything that does not serve my purpose anymore. Yes, I was asleep and now I am awake.

Fear has the power to keep us down. We can think so many things but from the saying to the action there is a long way and at times we have to be patient with ourselves. I remember when my friend did a healing session to me on 12-12-12 and told me it was time for action. It was time to take the bull by the horns and execute. It was time to take the driver seat and press the gas pedal in my car, a car without rear mirrors so we can not look back, and move! action! trust! At that time, I was pretty tied to my situations and not ready to jump down the cliff, I was not ready to be the fool and start all over again.

As I kept listening to Katy, I really resonated with the song Pearl and I felt she was talking to me when she said:

"Do you know that there's a way out
There's a way out, there's a way out, there's a way out
You don't have to be held down
Be held down, be held down, be held down
'Cause I used to be a shell
Yeah, I let him rule my world, my world, oh yeah
But I will come and grow strong
And I can still go on, and no one can take my pearl
You don't have to be a shell, no
You're the one that rules your world, oh
You are strong and you'll learn that you can still go on
And you'll always be a, a pearl
She is unstoppable"

As I danced this song in the gym, I could feel the energy of the words and they casted a spell on me. They gave me strength. They gave me hope because I can definitely feel like the ruler of my world. I am the Queen of my Realm and I know that I can´t look the other way anymore.

These past four weeks have been a trip. Hypnosis sessions, self analysis, shadow work and really looking at myself in the mirror and looking straight in my eyes and asking whether this is the story I want to be living or not. Is this the realm I created? Is this what I want for the future? What do I want? Who do I want by my side? Many questions. I know I have changed lots in the past few weeks and my life has transformed in front of my eyes.

Now I am the designer of my world. Now I have a chance to re-create and co-create with the Universe. Now I can be me again. Now I can let go of pain and forgive and forget the past. Now I can look ahead and create the future I want in the now moment. I am a lighthouse and my foundations are very strong! I am not floating in the current or held down by foundations that are not mine. I am my own Captain. I am the driver of my own car of life, nobody is conducting me anymore.

I am wide awake.

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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