Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finding your Center

Sign or not Sign? I say sign! I´ve been living my life in a very magical way since 12-21-12. The world did not end that day but something has shifted dramatically. Since that day, I live a life of purpose, I live a life of tuning with the energies, I live a life where I am not scared of detecting, correcting, executing and eliminating. I know those are very strong words but there is no time to play games anymore. It´s time to wake up and really find our center and live from that place of power, that place of ownership, that place of authenticity.

Last weekend I watched the movie Rise of the Guardians for the second time. I am usually the lady connecting the dots and seeing meaning on everything that is around me. When I watched this movie, the part that really stuck with me was when Santa Claus showed Jack Frost a babushka doll and asked him what his center was. A babushka doll is one that has many layers and each layer contained one of Santa Claus´characteristics - passionate, brave, loving.... till he got to the center and there was a baby with big eyes, eyes of wonder because he saw wonder in the world and that was his center. 

When I saw this scene, I couldn´t help to think what my center is and what other characteristics are contained in the babushka doll of my life. I know I am passionate, tenacious, happy, perseverant, and in my center there is light because I know I am meant to guide, I am meant to teach, I am meant to illuminate reality and shed light for others to find their way out of the darkness. That´s who I am. A lighthouse guiding those sailing through rough waters over to safe shore. I may do this by lighting up the air with jokes or by having a serious conversation where I point what I see for the person to meditate, observe, detect, and execute. What is your center?

Talking about our centers and the shift in energies since we crossed the 12-21-12 portal, it is time we are responsible for our own energies and our own manifestations. We are the magicians of our own lives and that´s also at our centers. We create our realities and we are not able to blame anybody else for our reality anymore. You can´t blame it on your lover for not creating the situation you want in your life. You can´t blame it on your boss for not giving you the promotions. You can´t blame it on any external situation because you are the creatrix or creator of your own world. If we all live from our centers, we are able to walk side by side in the journey of life but we are 100% responsible for our creations and we are the rulers of our worlds. When you move from your center or you put another person in your center, you lose power and you lose your ability to create your reality. Instead, you start living another person´s story and reality and lose sight of what is really important for you, your center.

I challenge you to find your center today and start living from there because when you start, your life will shift greatly and you will become the Great Wizard of OZ and by OZ, I just mean your life, your dream, your reality. If you can think it, you can create it. If you can create it, you can rule it. If you can rule it, you will sit in your power and your center. 

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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