Saturday, March 30, 2013

Validation and Attachment

March.....  What a month!!! Can I say again? Maybe I get a repeat because this month has rocked my world big time! 9.99 Ritcher scale earthquake and that means "Severe damage to all or most buildings with massive destruction. Damage and shaking extends to distant locations. Ground changes. Death toll usually between 1,000 and several million."

When I read that definition I couldn´t help but rise my hand and say YES! This is me. I got hit in many areas in my life and as a Queen I have to sit quiet and find my center. Then detect, correct, and execute. I think I got that from the Securities and Exchange Commission motto Prevent, Dectect, Correct. Some things in life can´t be prevented but we can definitely detect them and correct the course so we don´t end up crashing to a big wall.

March has been a test month for me. I was confronted with many pieces of information and now I have to re-route my course of direction. As a Queen, I visioned my path but now I have to adjust because we can´t be static, we are moving and we are living the now moment. We are creating the future in the now moment and like a chest board we are adjusting to the moves that the universe makes. We couldn´t predict every move but we can certainly adjust.

During this month; I have been faced with issues about Validation and Attachment. It was not only me but several people in my circle have been experiencing similar topics or lessons so I thought it was time to meditate on what validation means and what attachment means. I just started listening to the book "The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Luis Rubio, Jr." and in this book he talks about attaching ourselves to ideas that do not belong to us and the level of intensity we attach to those things will be revealed in how we feel about those things.  Sometimes we think things should be this way or that way and we are attached to the outcome even though we may be better off by flowing with the situation, just like water, following the current and seeing where it takes us. In his book, Miguel says that we need to learn to accept ourselves just as we are, perfect in the now moment just because we exist. We are bombarded with commercials that tell us we need this product to be happy, or we need to be skinnier to be perfect, or we need to be more beautiful... you name it, we are conditioned 24/7 to believe there is something wrong with us and we attach to those believes and let them rule our worlds. He keeps asking "Is knowledge controlling your life or are you controlling knowledge."

Validation is a big topic in general and I do feel we, women, usually seek validation outside more than others. My theory is that we have been conditioned by being born in a patriarchy that always places women below men. We have also had to live with the message that we are dirty because we bleed, that we are weak, that we are less than perfect, that there is something wrong with us. This message may be implicit and you got to read between the lines but it is a message women live with every day and we decide to become like men to reach equality when we need to find the power to live like strong women in a society led by men and show the world that we can be women and strong, we can be women and powerful, we don´t need to adapt and be like men because we are perfect as we are with all our female characteristics. 

In thinking about validation I realized that at times I have seek validation by different means. Sometimes talking to friends and finding consensus on the decisions I have made. Sometimes with divination trying to feel that the path I had chosen was the right for me and that I was not making a big mistake. Sometimes seeking approval from people I have put in a pedestal or up high and I respect. 

During March, I was tested in a big way and I have found my center. I know that the only validation I need is my own and that what I feel is right may not be right for others, but I am releasing my attachment to fit in, I am releasing my need for external validation and I am starting to live from my own center. I begin to accept that I am perfect just the way I am and that every situation fits perfectly in the big puzzle of life. I am in the drive and even though the maps are changing, my internal GPS is on and ready to go.

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the ArchDruid Union

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