Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Release the Past - Eclipse Power at work!

We are in the in between!!! Yes, you read it right! We are in between Eclipses and with that, we have a chance to let go of those patterns that do not serve us anymore, release the past and move on to the next steps in our journey. It´s time to drop the bag of past experiences that we are carrying and that is tainting our present moment. If you are like me, you may fill in the gaps with past experiences and usually not the good past experiences. The Universe is giving us a chance to reset and start again if we can let go of fear of change and accept that things may not be comfortable but they will be what we need to evolve in our path.

On April 25, we experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. That eclipse was pushing us to let go of fear of loss. It was time to take a look at life and make a realistic assessment of what we have and what we have outgrown. It was time to release long-standing patterns that have no meaning to us on a personal level as well as in the collective.

Tomorrow, we will be facing a Solar Eclipse in Taurus. The message this time is one of releasing the past and reawaken our soul´s blue print. How derailed have we got in the process? Are we living our soul purpose? Have we got fascinated with glamour and lost sight of what is really important in our lives? Have we bought into what society tells us is right for us and forgot to listen to our intuition? Our past will always condition us to see things a certain way but it is up to us to decide to live in the now moment without being attached to the past and if we are attached to the past, what is the root? What are those attachments telling us about? Are you scared of being successful so you keep sabotaging yourself? Are you scared of standing in your own power because you don´t want to rock the boat? Are you in fear of being authentic because you feel you will be rejected? Eclipses are powerful times for change. They are times when we are able to cut with unhealthy patterns and move into wholeness.

Tomorrow is not the end of this journey though! We still have one more eclipse in the schedule. There will be a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 24. This third eclipse is not only an eclipse but also a super moon (when the moon is both at perigee and syzygy intensifying the gravitational pull). This final eclipse is urging us to realize that our perception of reality shapes our lives. It calls for the power of the mind and the power of belief. It is said that the higher mind responds while the lower brain reacts. Lipton said "The simple truth is, when you are frightened, you´re dumber!" It´s time to think with the heart, trust what feels right and keep a beginner´s mind.

These eclipses are giving us a chance to change and grow. They are allowing us to face the demons and grow stronger. They are showing us the path to our soul purpose and shedding those layers that don´t serve us anymore. The question becomes... are you ready to release the past? It´s Eclipse power time!

Many blessing,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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