Friday, August 16, 2013

I´ll prove you wrong....

Faith... Kindness... Trust... We live in a world that teaches us to not trust, to be hesitant when we receive a random act of kindness. What does this person want? Why is he nice to me? What´s going on here? There must be something behind this.... too good to be true.... How many more phrases can you come up with? Television shows us this is not a safe world to live in. The media is always promoting terror and bad news. We are bombarded with negativity and it´s hard to shield from the continuous message that we are not safe. We are also bombarded with Tribal Myths such as "marriage is forever", "women are not to be alone", "you have to work hard to have money"..... there are so many tribal myths we are bombarded with that we have lost track of them and we have assimilated them so we believe that they are ours.... Then we are fighting ourselves because in the end we believe those myths that our tribe has made for us are true and real because in the past they were meant to protect us but now they are just another mechanism of control.

This week I was traveling for work in Los Angeles, California. It was a very interesting trip. First, the car I was driving was a pain! So big and uncomfortable to drive! Los Angeles traffic is famous for being painful and in this car that was big and with no power, I felt like I was trapped in a big suit surrounding me... bogging me down.... I am so used to my Rav4 with her power that I can run if I want to.... opps.... yeah got a ticket for driving too fast but you can´t take the Latin out of me and I do like speed!

This ugly car did not prevent me from exploring a little bit! And little did I know there was some Argentinean restaurants in the Los Angeles area. I´ve been eating Latin food during the trip and my best friend told me that it was just like Miami so that lit my bulb!!!! Argentinean food!!!!! Yelp is my best friend lately as it help me find food and places to explore :)  I found this Argentinean supermarket/restaurant to try that was just 3 miles away from my hotel so there I went with my GPS in hand and ready to try something familiar but new. I found this place easily and when I got in it felt just like a sketch in Argentinean television where there are a few tables, the bar that only serves some coffee and non-alcoholic drinks and a few guys saying Boludo aqui and Boludo alla... meaning you moron here and you moron there! Very Buenos Aires style!

I usually use English as my language but here I was like I would be better off if they see I am 100% Argentinean... well not sure... I am a Porteña! Like saying I am a New Yorker! You get the picture. I got this server who was the owner and he was so bitter.... I think we started with the wrong foot because he asked me what I wanted to drink and I said red wine and he said.... We DO NOT SELL alcohol. Oppsssss... oh well bring me a coke! That was followed by the question.. how many people will be joining you? And I looked at him in the eye and said, it´s just me, party of one. He gave me the eye!!!! Yes, I don´t have a wedding ring, I am alone and I am ok alone..... Then when I ordered, he once again gave me a weird look because I was ordering for two people but I just wanted to try the food from my country and I did not care if I took half to the hotel. I think he was sort of surprised and annoyed that a woman alone was ordering that.... He so remind me of my father!!!!! And I have broken many of his structures! When I was done with my food, I ordered desert and once again he was amazed! Was he thinking this porteña can eat? Isn´t she worried about her figure when she is not married as she has no wedding ring????? He cracked me up so much and I kept smiling and sending him love. Even the clients in the bar who seemed to be regular clients were telling him he never smiles and he is just unhappy! After this trip of a meal I decided to give him over 20% trip. I was committed to show him that even when he judged me and treated me weird, I would be graceful and compassionate and show him love. I think he was so surprised about my tip that he came back and smiled to me as a child with a new toy would do and say thank you. I think that made my day. He needed to be shown that there is still good in this world. Yes, I am Argentinean and I am lucky to speak English perfectly and look like American whether I am wearing my hear in its original blonde, or red, or black..... I still like supporting my people and I will always prove you wrong when you judged me and think I am this way or that way. I am just who I am - an authentic being filled with love and compassion and wanting to smile at you and make your day brighter.

Any time I am judged, I know I´ll prove you wrong... just give me time....

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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