Thursday, August 22, 2013

At the Chocolate Factory....

Golden ticket!!!!!! I got my golden ticket today!!!!! Yes! I got to go to the Chocolate Factory and learn how to make so different chocolates. I really felt like Willie Wonka when I got to the Chocolate Factory. My friend had invited me and I said yes! Let´s go make chocolate! You would think that somebody with the last name meaning love knows how to make sweet things, right? Well, I was there early and it was very nice when the lady at the front desk told me... oh yes, you are Carolina, I know who you are. I looked at all those beautiful confections thinking that I would never be able to make one of those.... yep.... I am not the crafty type. I am the writer, I am the lady of words, I am not a craft woman! But I do love cooking :)

I was the first to get on the apron and funky cap. As I was waiting for more people to get ready, I felt like the model of a funky magazine.... Definitely did not feel beautiful with that funky cap in my head!!! I know Ava says that any hat we have in our heads symbolizes a crown but this one did not! Believe it or not, I still kept my composure and did not show any signs of shyness or being uncomfortable. When my friends got there, I was modeling the cap and apron style and it was ok. I kept thinking about my friend who had told me before today... you have no control, let go! It is what it is and now you are with an apron and crazy cap.. don´t fight, just smile!

When we got to the room where we would be making the chocolate, I saw the tray with the ingredients and there the fun began! I had to fight my need for perfection in this process. There was a moment in the beginning when I looked at my friend and told her "This is why I don´t make chocolate... it looks like crap." I was trying to make Smore´s and they look awful! It was after the Smore´s that I realize that I was there just to have fun and learn fun stuff, not to have the perfect confection creation. Once I realized that, I was able to move on and have fun. Try different things... put sprinkles on my chocolate... get creative, don´t follow the teacher. As everyone was doing the flower as the teacher did, I did a heart... It was my chocolate and I was putting my own signature. Yes! Unique me was coming out in the chocolate.

When I saw my tray with all my creations I couldn´t feel anything but pride. I had created truffles, almond roca, tuxedo straberries, peppermint patties, smores, peanut butter cups, and many other things. I had put my energy and my love in that chocolate and something amazing has come out. I had let go of control and beauty has come out. It made me think that it´s time to release control and flow. I can´t control everything and at times, having fun is more important than the plan or the structure. Letting go of perfection allowed me to have fun and smile... my overpowering D personality type of competition and getting it done was coming out but I was able to move on and have fun, enjoy the experience, and at the end, learn that something beautiful can come out when we let go of control.

At the Chocolate Factory I have learned about myself... chocolate and all.

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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