Friday, July 9, 2010

The Great Mother is Calling Us

With the coming Solar Eclipse in Cancer taking place next Sunday, July 11, we are tuned with the energies of change, the energies of transformation, the energies that are asking us to look after the Great Mother, to pay attention to Her Calling, and to start noticing what our bodies are telling us. The Hermetic Axiom says "As above, so below. As within, so without." This Axiom is a reflection of what happens to us in today's world. People do not pay attention to their bodies, they eat unhealthy food, they work crazy hours, they spend more time sitting down that leading an active life, they go into surgery just to look young or be thinner... these are just some examples that come to my mind when I think about how people treat their bodies today. It seems that we live in the era of plastic things and instant gratification. We look for gratification in food, in things, in everything that is outside ourselves without noticing that happiness is an inside job. No matter how many surgeries you get or how many things you buy, if you don't like yourself as you are, there is nothing in this world that can make you beautiful. Our relationship with ourselves is just a reflection of how we treat our Mother Earth. We just pollute it as we pollute our bodies with unhealthy food. We trash it as we trash our places. We contaminate it as we contaminate ourselves smoking or drinking.... we are a reflection of our Mother and She is begging us to wake up, to take the initiative to go back to ground zero and start again. To make better choices and start to pay attention to what our bodies say. Our bodies are wise, they know what we need. I have noticed that since I have started paying attention to my cycles and changes, I am able to notice different things in my body, I am craving the foods that my body needs for vitamins or minerals. I am listening to my body when it says rest by not pushing myself to do much or taking a nap. The wisdom is already inside us, we just need to pay attention to it. Not numb ourselves with things, with food, with watching television, with drugs, with caffeine, or anything else that will make us dull, that with make us not feel. Feelings are our guides, they tells us whether we are on the right track or we have got off the path.

Our civilization wants us to believe we are machines (thank you to the industrial revolution) that have no feelings, are always ready to work 24/7, make no mistakes and have no lives... well that's not how life should be. We are humans. We need sleep, we need relationships, we need food, we need to have fun, we need to live a harmonious life including family, friends, education, work, spirituality among many other things. If one area in life is predominant, then other areas fall short and there is an imbalance. When there is imbalance, there is dis-ease and we get sick. There is no wonder people are dying from heart attacks and other dis-eases that were not as present in other times when life was more balanced.

The world is out of balance when we see women are not treated the same way as men. When we see women need to become men and forget what makes them women. When they need to pretend that we are the same every day and we don't bleed or cycle. The Goddess is calling us to bring balance to this world, to bring harmony, to bring her back to the light so we can once again be whole. It only takes to change ourselves because by changing ourselves, we change our surroundings, we change our communities, we change our cities, our states, our country, our continent, and the world. One step at a time. The time to start is now! We don't have time to lose!


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