Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking My Power Back

When I started my Queen Training with Ava Park, I did not know the challenges I would be facing and how my life would change and evolve. Queen Training sounds so much fun!!! You can get pictures of fairy tales, crowns, and different Queen pictures. These images couldn´t be further away from reality. Queen Training is about taking ownership of one´s life, it´s about being 100% responsible for our realms. We can not go blaming others for what is happening in our realms, it´s the Queen´s responsibility to vision reality, to create the realm as she sees fit and to be responsible for it. Our realm comprises all those areas that we are 100% responsible (home, work, children, ourselves). Queens design their realms and life doesn´t happen to them, they have a vision, they have a plan, and they execute, they definitely don´t react unless there is a natural disaster or another type of emergency that takes them to position themselves as the leader and guide those in her realm to a safe place. 

As you can see, being a Queen is not about status and glitter but it is about responsibility, ownership, and inner power. As I have said before, when I start studying a topic, I really take it to heart. The same has happened since I started studying with Ava Park and her Queen Teachings. I took those teachings and applied them to my life. I became aware of those areas in life where I needed to work or those areas of my realm that I had neglected in the past. It´s not easy to look in the mirror and realize that some things need to change, that there is no going back and that change is imminent. Like the Tower Card in the Tarot, everything is about to collapse so we can rebuild it again the way we intended.

I looked at my work and I saw that I had been complaining about it but not doing much about it. I had not vision the type of job I wanted. I have not stated what I want so the Universe can provide to me what I want for my realm. As I started taking ownership of my lack of vision at work, things have changed greatly. Since I came back from Buenos Aires, I feel I have come back to a different job. My boss is giving me more important projects and I got an assistant to help me with those things I have been complaining about... Yes, the Universe listens if you really state what you want. This situation has also given me the opportunity to practice my delegation skills and my leadership skills since I seem to be the person in charge of the assistant although she is to assist the whole team.

At home and in relationships, I have also stepped into my Queen power. When I was in Argentina, I had an opportunity to show my father that I was not a little girl anymore but a Queen. The last day I was there, my father wanted to take the bus to go to my aunt´s house and I did not feel comfortable taking the bus with my bags so I said I would take a cab. He got seriously upset saying I was being irrational and that it made no sense to spend the money in the cab. I looked at him and I said "Dad, I am not a little girl anymore, I am a grown up woman, and I will take the cab. You can take the bus and I´ll meet you there." After that, he decided to get the cab and was very upset but I was not going to back down or follow orders. My intuition told me it was not safe to be in the bus with my bags. 

The same is happening with some of my relationships when I am beginning to realize I am giving too much and that I need to start being mindful of the harmony between giving and receiving. A mother always gives but a Queen knows how to receive. These days, I am focusing on giving but also receiving so that flow can be constant. At times, I wonder if I give too much to overcompensate for others not giving in a relationship or where my need is. I know being an Enneagram Two, I am the giver but I want to be able to give from the heart and not expect anything in exchange. When we give too much and we have the expectation of receiving something in exchange, the giving lose the meaning.

I know my life is going into a massive rebuilt where I need to demolish and destroy some things that have grown outdated or are no longer needed to make space to the new me. As I change and my Queen is coming out more, many people may drop, many things may disappear, and many things in life will change but one thing I know, I am taking my power back and I will not give it away. I am finding myself again and getting to know who I really am. 

Many blessings,

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

Note: I highly recommend taking the Queen Counsel or attending a Queen Convocation if you are ready to change your life for the better. Ava Park is a great teacher.

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