Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yellow Light - Alert!

As I was driving to work today, I hit every single yellow light that I could hit on the way. The first time, I did not pay attention. The second time, I was like mmmm. Third time I was more like What´s going on here? Fourth time... mmmm message from the universe, let´s decode! You may be wondering now and think "Shouldn´t a Priestess see the signs as they occur first?" The answer is no. We, Priestesses, are no different than anybody else and it may take us several times to see a sign or to see the path but one thing I am certain is that we are usually looking within and trying to grow and evolve. We are usually awake and aware. We usually lead by example.

After I hit the fourth yellow light, I started thinking what the message was and why I was hitting every yellow light. What were the things I needed to be alert about? Was I getting close to making another mistake? Yellow lights can make us become aware or can let us know we are about to hit our monkey mind wall. The monkey mind wall is the wall we hit when we are about to cross over a barrier and reach our next stage in evolution. When we arrive to that moment, we usually feel scared and anxious but if we can push pass that moment, we find out that happiness and bliss are just a step away. Fear of change is always present when big transformation is about to happen.

Since I came back from Buenos Aires, I have been feeling like there was a before and after moment. Before my trip, after my trip. Work feels like totally different since I am being given more important projects that demand a lot of my time and get me out of my comfort zone. In my personal life, I am contemplating lots of changes and necessary things that need to happen to reach the next level. These things make me feel uncomfortable and uneasy but I know that there are times when we reach a place where we need a change and there is nothing we can do to turn it back to what it was before.

The universe is sending me the signs and it is up to me to interpret. I can see it as alert don´t move or alert don´t let your fears drive your life. The answer is always within if we are open and brave to look inside.

Many blessings,

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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