Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Effective today - clear and direct communications

I had the opportunity to participate in yet another amazing Queen Convocation with Rev. Ava Park in the Goddess Temple of Orange County last weekend. These events are enlightening, eye-opening, thought-provoking. Not only Ava is an amazing teacher and speaker, but her teachings are just priceless. As I was telling my Priestess-Sister, Lady Jesamyn Angelica, this was our third convocation and the saying says "three times a charm" so now we are Queens!!! 

Each convocation is unique and provides me with an opportunity to re-evaluate a part of my life or several parts. This time, the topic that really resonated with me was the one about communication. Per Ava, the Queen communicates clearly, directly and honestly. She is not one of using passive aggressive remarks, she does not go around or says what she does not mean, she does not keep quiet when something bothers her but when she communicates the situation, she is impersonal and like Ava would say "She sheds light and walks away." She does not engage in angry conversations and does not participate in arguments that will not take her anywhere. She does not feed the fire of a fight. For me, this is such a big lesson because I am a Latin woman and hot blood runs through my veins. When something bothers me, I tend to react and hit where it hurts (thanks to my Mars in Scorpio).

When I heard Ava talking about the communication style of a Queen, I couldn´t help but think that my next year - from my birthday this year to my birthday next year - I want to focus on my communication style. I started thinking of all the times I use sarcasm as a way of communicating when I could directly say what I meant - I know I have the words! I have also used passive aggressive behaviors or manipulative ways in the past instead of saying what was really bothering me or really taking a step back and meditating why those behaviors in others were really pushing my buttons. What was that was bothering me? Was it really that person or situation or was it something that came from the past? What was motivating me to try to manipulate and control de situation? It´s so easy to fall into those patterns when our self esteem is not strong, when our container is leaking and we are exhausted and everything is just too much for us. The Queen is here to shed light, to set boundaries, and to help us not get to those extreme situations were we just turn into our shadow selves. 

Effective today, I will communicate clearly, honestly, directly and with compassion. Thank you Ava for another wonderful lesson!!

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina

Note: The Queen Teachings are coming online in October. If you are not able to participate in a Convocation, you can still have the opportunity to learn them online. Ava Park´s Queen of Your Own Realm book is also coming out in October. Keep your eyes open!

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