Thursday, August 2, 2012

La Verace Via (The True Path)

Buon Pomeriggiomy friends! Yes... Welcome to the new Carolina Amor-Boggs adventure- Italian!!! As being a Priestess Queen with a broken foot was not enough... now we have a new goal - learn Italian and visit Italy in 2013! As some of you know, my ancestors from my mother´s side are Italian and German while my dad´s side is Spanish and Greek. After a lot of thought, I decided to study Italian because is such a passionate language, so sexy, so fiery.... so me! Not only do I talk with the hands but I am also intense and passionate - Italian runs in my blood! The Borello in me is coming out now! If I had to use all my last names my name would be very long - Carolina Amor Borello Tieri Knorp Boggs - yep! too long!!! But the heritage is there and the blood starts calling and we can not turn our heads the other side. I am wondering why English called me... mmmm.... keep tight... next blog :)

A few weeks ago, I started reading the book "Finding your own north star - claiming the life you were meant to live by Martha Beck" and that´s when I came across the concept of "La Verace Via" and how finding the true path is part of our essential self. Martha believes that we have two selves - one is the social self and the other one is the essential self. The social self is based on our society, traditions, family and culture while the essential self is the inner core that knows what our purpose in this lifetime is. La Verace Via comes from the Divine Comedy and Martha says that we are all heroes of our own lives (well, heroines) and that if we connect our social self with the essential self we can find our path to our North Star (our purpose in life). 

When I read this, I immediately felt called to continue reading this book because there is something about our True Path that really calls me because I do believe we are here on this Earth to fulfill our purpose and to be who we are meant to be and not the ones that others want us to be. La Verace Via is my motto in life and I really started meditating on this phrase and the current state of affairs in my personal life. As I meditated I couldn´t help but think about my broken foot and what the meaning of this event could be. Am I not ready for the next step in life? Do I need to slow down? Am I going to fast in life? When I went to the doctor yesterday and I found out I had to be with this boot for another 4 weeks, I was highly disappointed... yep Das Boot is here to stay for a little longer (yep- the German is also coming out). Das Boot is here to teach me a lesson in my true path... meditate, think, evaluate and then step firmly into the future because shy steps will not do it. The message from the universe is that I am not ready for the next step so I need to proceed with caution... pay attention... and never forget to listen to my essential self because that´s the part that will guide me to my North Star.... my Verace Via.

What´s your Verace Via? What´s your Essential Self telling you now? Are you in the right path? Don´t get a broken foot to realize you are stepping into life wrong... just listen to your heart, follow your essential self guidance and find your Verace Via!

Many blessings,

Presiding Priestess of the Circulo de Isis

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