Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eureka Moment!!

The other day, one of my students used this phrase to describe a time when she had a sudden awareness of what was going on in her life and discovered a part of herself that she was not aware of before, yes, an Eureka Moment! After she used this phrase, I started thinking about that phrase and how many times we have those moments when reality hits us in the head and we finally see the truth.

Needless to say that I have several moments like that in the past, but last week, I had one that left me thinking so much that I am still in the process of digesting the crucial piece of information about my life and trying to make modifications to get back on track because I think I have derailed sometime early this year.... maybe after my trip to Buenos Aires if I had to pinpoint a time.... mmmm... as you can see I am still digesting.

Last week, I was having lunch with a coworker when we started talking about the year. I found myself saying "Wow, 2012 has not been a good year for me, I broke my foot, I am having some issues with some relationships, my dad´s trip was insane, I got a kidney infection, my coworkers are getting promoted and I am almost there but not, and the list kept going" then it hit me with a big bang bang boom!!!! Eureka Moment!!!! Listen to myself.... oh no... I am becoming one of those ladies that complains about life instead of taking ownership and knowing that somehow I have created that reality in my life, I am becoming them!!!! The ones that I don´t want in my energetic field because they just make my waters murky and my energetic field uneasy.

It was such a realization that it kept me thinking. I came back home that day and looked at the Queen Laws that I wrote earlier this year while studying with Ava Park on the Queen Counseling and I saw it clearly. Two of my laws stated perfectly:

"I manifest my reality - Reality is a manifestation of my thoughts. I change my thoughts, I change my reality."

"Choice and Ownership - I always have the power to choose my reality. I am 100% responsible for my decisions and actions no matter what the results are."

Where was my Queen these months? What type of energies was I experiencing to manifest this reality? What is the message in all these situations? I can see there have been no clear boundaries so I have fallen back into the dark patters of victimhood and overgiving and over complaining. I know I am 100% responsible for them and that somehow I called them in my life. I am sure there was a lesson to be learned or that my Queen had been too busy dealing with the energetic leaks I was having in those moments that couldn´t even have any energy left to manifest a different reality.

One of the reasons why I decided to become a Witch and a Priestess was that I was able to make my own reality. I did not have to just pray to God and wait passively. I could pray to Goddess and also work my magic to make it happen. I could use all the different techniques as visualization, affirmations, spellwork and others to create that reality that I desire without affecting anybody else. Needless to say I was not going casting spells on men to fall in love with me, or something to happen to another person so I could get ahead of the game. I always focus on myself and my needs and wants, then manifest my reality. I remember the time I did a spell to make the paperwork go faster so I could come live in the USA - two months later I was here even though the normal timeframe was 6 months, or the time I needed money to take a class I wanted to take and I perform a prosperity ritual and boom... money came to me. I need to remember those days when I was focus and my energetic field was really working to manifest my needs. I am great at manifestation -both good and bad- so I need to really be mindful of what´s in my mind, what´s in my heart so I don´t go manifesting negative situations because that´s where my energy is focused.

I really had a big awakening moment last week and now to manifest my new reality and take ownership of what I create. What an Eureka Moment!!!!

Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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