Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trust - don´t feed your demons!

Some weeks I am short of words, some weeks they come flowing like water going down a waterfall. Today seems to be the latest and here I am again, in front of the computer with something to say :)

Actually, to be honest, these blogs have been brewing in my mind all last week and I did not have time to sit down and write so today, I am finally back to being myself - energetically - and I feel these words have to come before the full moon tomorrow as they are messages I have received this week and last week so no more procrastination!!! I am sure you understand when you have a lot of things to do and you just wait to the very last minute because you don´t want to deal with them or you feel you don´t have the time for them.

A little over a week ago I watched the movie Snow White and the Huntsman while I was in bed sick with the kidney infection. During this movie, there is a part where Snow White is in the dark forest and she is scared, the forest is turning on her and the Huntsman said "The forest is feeding off your fear". Somehow, that phrase stuck with me and I started thinking about how many times my forest has become darker and darker because I am feeding my fears. How many times do we choose the wrong path because it is the path that is less scary and I am safer that way. Sometimes we need bold actions, sometimes we just need to trust that the universe knows what the best is for us and just flow like water and follow the energy, don´t fight, don´t get scared, don´t feed the dragons inside.

Today, I went to the Chinese doctor after almost one year of not seeing him. He was so surprised to see me that his only questions was "how can I help you?" I found myself saying - I just came to see you. When we got into his room, I felt it was time to be honest as of how I was feeling and what was going on in my life because if he was going to be able to help me, he had to know what was really going on. As I talked about my issues sleeping and my stress, I realized how I´ve been feeding my fears lately. He didn´t have much to say but "Try not to stress too much, situations can be hard but don´t give it more power than they need to have". He prescribed me a tea and I said thank you.

I think he hit it right on. I´ve been feeding my demons for the past few weeks or months, just getting freaked out and making myself worse because I was just stressing too much. My forest was becoming darker and darker and my Realm was becoming riskier and riskier because its Queen was just hiding scared of the future and the unknown, buying into all the bad societal beliefs such as everything goes wrong.... prepare for the worst! It´s time to just Trust, trust Goddess, Trust the Universe and just surrender so I can manifest my bright future instead of feeding my demons.

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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