Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Cycle of Life

WOW! I am still buzzing after experiencing a cycle of life event yesterday. I was going to Staples to buy a new binder as the binder I was using to keep the materials I am learning in the class I am taking with Ava Park was getting small. As I turned in the corner to go park I see an amazing hawk on the floor of the parking lot holding tight to a pigeon with its claws. The energy this bird was irradiating was incredible, the power, the presence. I couldn´t stop looking both amazed at the power display and in horror for the pigeon. Needless to say, I got off my car after parking and continue watching the scene. Some crows came and tried to fight the hawk that was defending it´s dinner and was not going to give up. As the hawk flew away with the pigeon in its claws, I started thinking about the cycle of life and death. 

How many times do we die to some part of ourselves to become something different and be born again? How many times do we let go of something that was very important to us to make space for something new? The seasons are also a reflection of the cycles that can go within. We see the leaves fall and the trees letting go of the old to be reborn during the spring with new strong green leaves. We don´t go in a linear fashion but we go in cycles of birth, death and rebirth. We change, we grow, we evolve and we transform ourselves because the only sure thing in this world is change. Nothing remains the same for a long period of time. As we start getting into the darker part of the year, it is the perfect time to meditate, to go into the dark and embark in the journey of self discovery so we as the trees can let go of those leaves that do not serve us anymore and create the room and space for the new to come to life next spring. What activities do you feel you can let go of or they stop giving you satisfaction? What relationships have outlived their time? What things within yourself do no longer serve you in any capacity? I know I am in a period of self inventory and as my wheel keeps turning and turning it will show me the direction to go. 

Thinking of the hawk again, I can see that the bird had determination, it knew what had to be done and did not hesitate. I don´t think anybody would have got close to that bird with the energy that it was irradiating. It was not going to allow anybody to get close to it´s dinner, not even the crows and I thought about the future and how at times if we are not determined on what we want, we may hesitate, we may self-sabotage, we may make things harder than they should be just because we don´t know what needs to be done or we don´t have a clear vision of what we want and let our fears drive us instead of our heart and soul. 

Looking at the hawk and the cycles of life, I know that I will not fear death as it is the necessary step to be born again, I will have determination of what I want for my future and not hesitate in what needs to be done because I don´t want to wake up one day and realize that my fears have been the ones manifesting my reality and not the vision in my heart.

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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