Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vibrations, Vibrations, Vibrations

Vibrations, vibrations, vibrations!!!! What an Eureka Moment I had last Tuesday! I was thinking about my life and how in life we attract the things to us that vibrate at the same frequency we are vibrating - like attracts like. I thought about the experiences that I´ve had this year, the things that have happened and how at times I feel depleted and almost with no energy to manifest anything in my life, needless to say, I have not energy to manifest my vision or to take care of my Realm.

As I study the materials from the Queen Teachings Online with Ava Park, I realize that during this year I have been vibrating at a lower frequency and attracting to me those challenges that will either sink me or make me stronger and a better Queen in the future. I thought about my trip to Buenos Aires and how depleted I felt after it. I thought about my broken foot and how it derailed my whole vision of what the summer was going to look like. I thought about my friends and family and how they vibrate at different frequencies at times. Thats´s when I realized that I need to start vibrating at my own frequency and whoever or whatever is not vibrating at the same level will just fall away and leave the realm without me having to say anything. I just need to change my vibration because in the end, the only thing I have control of is me and my own situation. I can not control my environment, I can´t control my friends, I can´t control my family´s reactions, but I can definitely control my own vibration, my own thoughts and my own energy. 

As I started experimenting with the vibrations, I started noticing that I did not hit as many red lights, I did not engage with people who were angry or complaining as I don´t want those energies close to me, and I started noticing that people around me were nicer and smiled more... I may be going crazy but it did feel like as I changed my way of seeing life and my vibration, everything was just following. People gave me the right of way when I was driving, others opened doors for me, and mainly everyone was smiling. 

I think at times we have to just focus on what we can change and that is ourselves, we can never change things or people because they are the way they are but if we change and they stick around, the vibration will adjust and the relationship will continue. If not, it will just end because there will be no energy feeding that relationship or the activity.

As I look at vibrations and energy, I start noticing those activities that drain me and those that feed my soul. For example, the other day one of my friends told me to go walk a labyrinth during lunch time and I felt so refreshed after it that I wanted to do it again. On the other hand, there are other people that you just want to run the other way because they are complaining and after you are with them you feel like you have 0 energy left. More and more, I am aware of these subtle situations and start choosing very carefully because in order to hold my vibration, I need to make sure that I don´t have interference or activities that push me to a different direction and then I become those people I am trying to avoid now. In certain activities or with certain people, I do feel there can be a disturbance in the force and I definitely don´t want that in my life. The force is running strong in me these days and I´ve been practicing all my Yedi tricks. I know what you are thinking and I find your lack of faith disturbing. LOL!!!!!! I can´t say this with a straight face. 

All in all, we control the energies we emit in our environment and those energies call other energies into our fields. Now that I am aware of this, I can definitely modify my vibration so I don´t attract anything I don´t want in my life. You can do the same! May the force be with you!

Many Blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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