Monday, November 19, 2012

Stand Straight in Life

There are just a few books that can hold my attention with such intensity that I can´t put them down until I finish reading them. Silent Power by Stuart Wilde was one of those books. I was introduced to this book by Ava Park in her Queen Teachings Online where she mentioned this rather small book about personal power and charisma. When I started reading it, the message resonated so much with me that two hours after, I had finished the book and I was buzzing with the information!!!

One thing that really stuck with me was the concept  of standing straight in life and not leaning on people. When we are sad, depressed, worried or experiencing anxiety, we tend to lean on people and suck their energy. We focus on the negative emotions we are feeling, we focus on what is going wrong, we focus on all those things that do not work anymore so we can complain about them. Stuart says there are three steps to avoid leaning on people:

1. Don´t lean toward things you don´t have. Affirm, visualize, and take action instead.
2. Try not to lean into the future by talking or thinking about it constantly. Instead take time each day to make the now special, honoring what you have and what you have achieved.
3. Start to design your life so that you don´t require things from others. Try to need only those things you can get yourself. 

When we start living from these principles, we filled our etheric body with energy and are able to irradiate a charisma that is hard to replicate because all those material things that are ego driven do not fill us with energy and their shinny effect passes really fast. There is always a newer version of a car, a phone, a computer, you name it. People are usually power hungry and power starved. They want to be special, they want to be famous, rich and perfect but these things are ego driven and they only motivate the person to lose their energy and also they lose their power because their power is based on what they have or done but not based on who they are. 

Another thing that stuck with me was the power of Silent Talking. In this book, Stuart says that people talk too much and volunteer too much information. He also mentions that people are usually motivated to talk to compete with others in order to see who has more material things or has travelled more or knows more. People usually talk from an ego place where they are trying to satisfy their need to feel important and special. Stuart says that if you don´t engage in this ego talk, you remain in silence and your intuition is really amplified and you can really feel what others are thinking or feeling as they talk. I think Silence can be very powerful and I will be experimenting with this aspect in the future.

Overall, the book was amazing and I think it is one of those books I will read time and time again and always find something new. I am grateful Ava introduced it to me.

From now on Stand Straight in Life and when in doubt, lean out!

Many blessings,
Lady Carolina
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

Ava Park and her Queen Teachings

Silent Power by Stuart Wilde

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