Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Symbology

It is interesting to see how our perceptions change as we grow up and evolve. When we are kids, we do not look at movies to see the symbols within them, we just enjoy the show, but as we grow up, we see different things in the same pictures or stories. This is my experience with Alice in Wonderland. This is a story I was told when I was a kid, and watched the original movie, but yesterday I saw the new version and I was amazed at how much this movie resonated with me and my life. It was like watching the symbols of my life in the big screen.

The first symbol is the falling down the rabbit hole and how at times in life, when everything seems to be falling apart we feel we don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes. Is it ever going to stop? Are things going to get any better or will we wake up in wonderland where everything is strange and unfamiliar?

After the fall, it is the uncertainty of not knowing what to do and trying different things to find out that we are either becoming smaller or growing out of proportion. I can see this in every experience where we feel that we are invisible, or with mistakes we make, we feel as we are reducing but then a big promotion comes, and our ego may grow so much we don't even fit in ourselves. Then we need to take the potion to go back to normal...

Then, there is the discussion about being the real Alice... Don't we ever wonder if this is who we really are? Who are we? What are we meant to be? Don't you ever fight your destiny thinking that you are not meant to do that or be that? Are you the real thing? Are you following your passions? Are you being true to yourself or are you lying to yourself trying to convince yourself that what your parents wanted you to do is what you really wanted to do? Maybe not, maybe you are not meant to follow your sister's path, or your father's dream, maybe you are just meant to discover yourself as different and separated from all the others. You are supposed to discover the real you, the real Alice who is behind all the layers that society and others put on you so you can not see who you really are.

And while we are in our journey to find out who we are, we always have to fight our demons, our shadow, the ugly side, the fears, the anxiety. All that is there to hunt us, to make us feel small, to make us feel like we are not enough to make our dreams come true. To follow our purpose. To live a life that will be remembered. Are we brave enough to get out of our comfort zone and face our demons? Are we strong to kill the dragon? The dragon is what separates you from your dreams and from the real you, are you ready for the battle? Are you ready to step into your destiny and follow your path? You'll have to kill the demons first but once you do that, you will find who you are and that is priceless.

Our journeys make us stronger. They show we have the will and power to make our dreams come true and to bring the true self back to life. We can move past the limitations, the conditioning, the layers that are preventing us from seeing the truth. Sometimes things feel real sometimes we feel like we are in a dream and we just want to wake up. It is time to follow your heart. It is time to move past fear so you can find the real Alice inside you.


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