Thursday, March 25, 2010

Journey to Wholeness

Sometimes we don't realize how far we have gone from our roots until it is too late. During the past few years, I've been dedicating a lot of time to studying and learning about the Goddess and finding a way to serve Her in her thousand names. I kept reading and writing, and trying to find out how I can help, what my purpose was, what my mission is. I kept going around and around trying to find a way without realizing that it was just in front of me during this journey. I had forgotten where I come from, I have forgotten my roots and I was divided. I've been in the United States for 7 years now and I forgot that not everyone is as lucky as I am to speak and understand English. Most of the materials around the Goddess are in English and if you don't speak or read the language, you will not be able to reach Goddess. I realized that when I was talking to some people who speak Spanish and I was trying to find the Spanish versions of the books I have in English. That was a gap!! So then it dawn on me, I am supposed to be that bridge, I am able to take the English and translate it into Spanish so people who are not able to understand English can still feel Isis love and connect with the Goddess in her many forms.

It's interesting how we can get caught up in our world and forget where our roots are and what is important. I am currently reading a book called Women's Reality by Anne Wilson Schaef and the author mentions a System called the White Male System and how this system seeks to control and feel superior, and how people who are in that system are usually suffering from high blood pressure, heart attacks among other things. Funny enough, when I look back, I can see I was part of that system a few years ago but somehow, the spell broke when I ended up in the hospital with a heart condition. That was the eye opener for me, why would I believe that being stressed out all the time was normal? Why would I believe that working 24/7 with no fun was ok? Now I can see what I love doing (translating, teaching and sharing material) and that I can live in harmony and peace outside the system. The author also compares the system as smog, you need to breath fresh air in order to realize that there is smog because when you are within the smog, you will not notice it. I think that every visit to Isis Oasis was my time to get out of the smog that clouded my vision and did not allow me to see my purpose. Now I can see it clear and I am going for it!!


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  1. I told you that Women's Reality is a thought provoking eye-opener. I look forward to reading your thoughts as you progress in the Women's Mysteries studies as well as read the other book.

    Many blessings with your translating project! I think it's a beautiful way to serve Isis!