Thursday, March 11, 2010

There is an App for that...

Lately, it seems there is an App for almost everything. There is an App to tell you where a nearby Starbucks is, where you can go shopping, what movies you can watch, you can buy online, and you can do several things we could not do before with a phone. Technology is changing our lives in every sense, and when it comes to magick, there is also an App for that!! Some months ago, I started looking for a Tarot application that I could have in my phone so when I am out, and I need to get some insights, I can just shuffle the cards on the phone and get some insights on a situation. Well, at that time, there were only just a few applications in the iTunes store so I decided to get the Goddess Tarot Application and the Mystic Goddess Tarot, both wonderful decks and indeed wonderful applications. I started using them regularly and I find them very useful so whenever I am out, I have a deck with me. Two days ago, I decided to start looking again to see if there were some new applications and whoa!! There were like more than 50 applications and these included not only Tarot, but Runes and Astrology, also some of those inspirational decks such as "Ask your Guides" "Ascended Masters" or "Animal Wisdom". It was really interesting to see how the industry is growing and how our magickal practices are being more accepted by everyone. I believe a phone says a lot about the person. The applications you have describe you. If you pick mine, you would find affirmations by Louise Hay, some Tarot applications, some Rune applications, and also some work out systems that I can use in the gym.

What does your phone say about you? If you have the iPhone, check out the store since you may find your favorite deck and be able to carry it with you everywhere! Yes, There is an App for that!!


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  1. Hi Caro--

    I've written a Tarot app that I'm rather proud of ( ); it includes three decks (RWS, Marseilles, and Charles VI). Here's a free promo code (it works just once, and let's you get the app for free):


    Copy and paste them into iTunes here:

    I hope you enjoy it! If you do, please consider a review.