Sunday, March 21, 2010

Divide and Conquer Mentality

We all know the mantra "divide and conquer" and I think it is part of our everyday lives even when we are not aware of it. Lately, I've been meditating about this and how it affects us. I can't help but wonder why humans can not accept wholeness as a way of being. We are always dividing ourselves in groups such as you are Catholic and I am Pagan, or creating different statuses - rich and poor, manager and employee, student and teacher. Sometimes we need these titles but even when we have a different title, it is hard for us to live together and accept each other.

It has been hard for me to see that even when we call ourselves Goddess Priestesses, we are still working in the dynamics of status and power. It hurts my heart to see Priestesses talking bad about other Priestesses or just not working together for the same goal. One of my visions is to be able to bring Goddess to a point where it will not make a difference when one person says "I am Pagan or I celebrate Goddess in all her names and forms." I feel there is still a lot of work to do in that realm because even though we think there is freedom of religion and everyone is accepted no matter what they believe, a person saying he or she is Pagan has not as an easy time as somebody saying I am Catholic. There is resistance there and I think our goal should be to bring that concept out instead of focusing of what group does what, or who is stealing people form another circle. We should eliminate the scarcity mentality and know that there is a circle of everyone and that people are free to choose who they want to work with. That should never separate Goddess women from working together. It would be great if people from all religious paths would come together and work for a better world but too much energy is spent in recruiting, in gathering people instead of seeing what the real goal is. Spirituality is not about dividing and conquering, it is about wholeness, happiness, joy, love and being together.

I think the time is coming for everyone to work together. We can see that the world is not great the way it is. We have so many resources and still we are fighting. Why? Why fight? Why not share? Why do we need to be bigger or greater than the person next to us? In the eyes of Goddess, we are all the same. Why do we have to have natural disasters to realize that we could help each other? Haiti was a poor country before but it took several earthquakes for the world to come together to help them. Why do we need to wait for outside forces to come together as one? Those are the questions I am pondering today and that I wish there was an easy answer. We choose our destinies and the way we see the world. There was a saying that express this concept "I change myself, I change the people around me, I change my community, I change my city, I change my state, I change the world" It all starts with us, are we ready to work together? Are we ready to let go of our egos and need for power and focus on what is really important? We are all free to choose and today can be a new beginning.


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