Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Moon in Pisces - Dreams or Fears?

One of the things that I like doing a lot is paying attention to the Moon Phases and how they affect our lives. Each Moon Phase has a meaning and message for us. For example, New Moons are about new beginnings while Full Moons are about completion and manifestation. Then we have the Waxing Moon for abundances, prosperity, growth, and evolving from the project we initiated in the New Moon; and Waning Moon is about releasing and letting go, making sure that we make space to create a new venture when the New Moon arrives. Each Moon Phase is combined with a sign in the zodiac. The Moon moves fast from sign to sign going around the wheel in 28 days. She spends only 2 and 1/2 days in each sign. Sometimes, it helps me to think that the Moon is the character that brings our emotions and nourishment out, and the sign the Moon is on is the dress she is wearing. For example, a Leo Moon would be all about creativity and our healthy ego while a Moon in Sagittarius may find nourishment in learning new things, connecting with spirituality and higher forms of though.

On Monday, we have a New Moon in in Pisces. As I mentioned before, the New Moon is about new beginnings so we are giving the opportunity to start again. She is wearing the Pisces dress and this is a very interesting dress because Pisces is a great sign when it comes to intuition, inspiration, connecting with our dreams and these are all activities connected with the Moon. She enjoys them. The problem is that as every sign has positive traits, signs also have challenging ones, and for Pisces the traits that bring challenge are victimization, drug and substance abuse. The root of these challenges is the fact that when we are open to our intuition and our feelings, we may feel to deep and in order to numb ourselves, we use drugs, alcohol, food or whatever substance that numbs us. Some people over work while others get depressed.

We all know that we can have dreams and nightmares. When we go to bed, we open ourselves to a different universe. This universe holds our dreams and desires, but it also holds all those things that scare us, our fears, our anxieties. Many times, people do not follow their dreams because they are scared they will not be successful, they see all those things that will prevent them from manifesting what they want. They see that they don't have enough money, or they don't have enough time. There is always an excuse that is rooted on fear - this fear is clear and it can be described in one word - failure. What dreams are you not going after because you think you can not make them happen? Are you feeling you are not good enough and you will not be successful? Is your heart telling you to do something but your fear blocking you from doing so? This New Moon is asking us to sit and think, what are those things that we dream about and what are the obstacles in our road. As Les Brown said "Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears."

This New Moon lifts the veil that covers our eyes, this is the time when we see clearly where we want to go, and if we are able to overcome our fears, we will get there. The Universe is with you.

Many blessings!

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