Monday, March 8, 2010

Living with Purpose

Today, I was faced with reality that we never know which day is our last day. One of my husband's friends passed about 10 days ago. He was only 29 and had a daughter. Sometimes we imagine that we will day of old age, that we have time to live our passions, that there is always tomorrow to follow our dreams, but these events make me realize what if there is no tomorrow. Can I say that I have lived fully? That I have follow my dreams and live my heart's desires. It is incredible how one event can trigger a lot of responses. For me, this young person's death made me realize that I need to live each day like if it was the last and try to follow my dreams as much as I can. This event also made me realize how lucky I am that I am healthy, I have a job, I am happily married, and I don't have many reasons to complain about life. Sometimes we complain about small things without realizing how lucky we are. For example, today, on my way home, I was complaining about the rain. Yes, once again, it was raining outside and I am so tired of it, I just can't wait for the sun to come out. But, after complaining about the rain, I look ahead and I see a wonderful rainbow. It was a full rainbow shining bright. I have always associated the rainbow as a sign that things will be ok. But if it was not raining, there would be no rainbow so sometimes we have to deal with the yukky things we don't like in order to get a beautiful ending.

Every day, I try to make each act during the day, an action that has a purpose, an action that means something. From the jewelry I wear to the books I read, everything has a purpose, and I find myself now feeling my heart's desire to follow my dreams, to start writing, to teach, to share my knowledge. Isis is the Lady of Synchronicity and I feel she is guiding me lately. Yesterday, I got a sudden inspiration to start creating a 13 moon program, and today I was offered the chance to give a proposal to teach a Tarot class in 2011. The doors are opening and I feel I am coming out of the cocoon where I've been during the winter. Like a caterpillar, I am ready to leave the cocoon behind and become a butterfly. I am ready to shine and to follow my heart. Every symbol, every action, has a purpose and all these events are leading me to my passion. I can not wait, I can not let fear stop me. I just need to jump in and live fully.


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