Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finding my Purpose

There are times in life when one wonders why are we on this earth, what is our purpose in life. Lately, the question has been pounding on my head as of what I am supposed to do. What is my purpose? When I move to this country, I sacrificed my love and passion for English in order to survive. I moved from working at a hotel in a day care facility to the place I am today - working for a big corporation. Although money was important for me when I moved here since I could not count on my parents to help me and I had to make ends meet, now that I have accomplished some of my goals, I feel like the time has come to look for something that feeds my soul as well as my pockets. I come to understand that it is not all about money and that money does not equate happiness.

A few weeks ago, I suddenly had a vision and I decided to pursue it. I wanted to start translating some of the Fellowship of Isis materials into Spanish because I noticed that there is not a lot of material in that language and some people are not as lucky as I am to be able to understand English and be able to read it correctly. I also believe that when we work on our spirituality, sometimes working on our native language makes the difference. So I started contacting some authors whose books I love and asking for permission to translate their material and share it with the Spanish community. Some responses were positive, some were not as positive since I was not aware how the publishing world works. In the end, this project led me to figure out what would make me happy, what I would enjoy doing. Yes! I would love to be a translator since that would help me put my love for languages into some kind of income base activity.

A new journey began - how does one become a translator? Do you go to school for that? Do you get a certificate? Well, so far, I have found out that there is no requirements but it is always good to have certification what means I may need to continue studying. I am about to finish my bachelors degree and it is daunting to think about continue on the structured education path, not only because it is quite expensive in this country, but also because I need to rest. I've been studying all my life and I need a break. This journey led me to think about how our world works and how patriarchy always demands certification as if we are not good enough. I have managed to live in the US and finish my bachelors so that should be plenty of proof that I do manage English properly and Spanish is my mother tongue so why do I need to go to a Master degree to prove that I can speak both languages perfectly.... There is a part of me that says, well, I can do this, I know I can, but the other part says that if I want to find a job on this path, I may need the certificate... Well, we'll see. So far, I am glad I have found something that sparks my passion and that connects with my spirituality. Now, let Isis show me the way as she has been doing all this time.

Many blessings!

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  1. Good to have a purpose. Some people go their whole lives never knowing (or caring) what their purpose is. Consider yourself blessed!