Sunday, April 4, 2010

Going to the Center of the Labyrinth

While connecting with Isis in her thousand names, I was called to perform the Mystery of the Labyrinth from Dea - Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess by Olivia Robertson. Somehow the Labyrinth was calling me and Ariadne was sparking my attention. The symbol of the Labyrinth is a strong one. We can get lost within its passages and never reach the center. We may face our fears and shadows but never find our way back. While in the labyrinth, we need to hold on to Ariadne's thread to make sure that we will have a way to return after our journey to face our shadow and find our purpose, our destiny. When I move to the USA, I felt like I entered the Labyrinth of my life. I had to change my career, I had to adjust, and I was all alone in my journey. My family and friends were in Argentina and this was the time to find out who I really was and also face my minotaurus. There were times when I was tempted to drink the poison cup or derail from my path. One of those times was when I sacrificed my love for English and just chose a job that will provide money not realizing that money is not everything and that money will not equate happiness. We spend so much time at work and if the only thing we can think of when we are there is I just need to get away, this is not what I wanted, all the energies are just disipated and we lose track of our center. Now I see clear where I lost my path and I forgot the thread that would bring me back to where I started so I can start again and this time pay attention to reaching the center. Luckily, in the past two years, I was able to reconnect with the thread and gain some clarity on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. Goddess keeps showing me the way and the thread became stronger, it started shining and demanding that I go within, that I follow my true calling and don't let all those things that move me away from my center bother me or cloud my vision. I also learned that the past is just part of the story but I should not let it define me or prevent me from reaching my destiny. My minotaurus is myself. I am my worst critic and with that critic talking to me it is hard to feel that I can make it, that I can make my dreams come true because there is the voice that says I am not enough, that I am innately inferior and that I don't have the power to reach my center and find my destiny. With Ariadne's help, I am able to move past my fears and face my shadow. Now I can see clearly what I am meant to do, I need to regain my passion and light my fire within so I can work on something that will make me happy. My journey to the labyrinth is not over and I may need to go within again and find my center but now I can see the thread clearly and I know I am always connected to Goddess and no matter how much I lose my way, I will always find my way back to the center.


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