Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finding Nemo

The day started with me walking on the beach and connecting with Yemaya and her waters. There was a mist in the air as the sun was coming out. I couldn't help but feel the power of the ocean building up the energy and breaking away. Like washing the old and making space for the new, I kept feeling the waves washing my feet. As I was walking, the Goddess made herself present and reminded me that She is always there for me, providing me with the signs and symbols I need along the path so I don't lose track of where I am going, so I don't lose myself in the busyness of life, so I don't shut down myself to my intuition and the power within.

As I was having breakfast with my dad and my husband, my dad said "look! there is a shark in the ocean between those two birds," as I was looking at the area where he was pointing I saw the shape in the distance. It was not a shark at all! It was a dolphin. Never in my life I had seen a dolphin in the ocean but here they were, and there was not only one but three! It was like the triple aspect of the Goddess has come to bless my day since that morning I was meditating by the ocean. The meanings associated with Dolphins are playfulness, being in between the worlds, friendship, harmony, and a message of well being for the good heart person. From all these meanings, the one that resonated more with me was the one of being between the worlds since the ocean sound has transported me to another dimension.

As we were going to the Aquarium, I couldn't help but think how we confused the dolphin with a shark and how in our lives, we have a tendency to see the darkness or be led by fear. While meditating on this fact, I saw a fish tank with Nemo what brought me back to that movie that is also connected to the ocean. I kept thinking about the different characters in the movie such as the father and his fear of the sea, Dori with her short term memory lost, the turtles, the sharks, each character has its own symbolism and can show us how we look at life in different moments in our lives. For example, when we are led by fear and let fear prevent us from doing things we may enjoy, we are living the father archetype of "the ocean is not safe" and we all have heard the phrase "it's not safe out there, it is a jungle, only the strongest survives." All these phrases are usually associated with the power of controlling people through fear.

Sometimes, I wish we were more like Dori and forget things instantaneously so we would not let previous experiences shape us and prevent us from doing things since we would never have fear because fear is based on previous experiences or imaginary things in our heads. There was a person who described FEAR as Fictitious Events Appearing Real.

Then we have the sharks trying to challenge the social image and not eating fish, yes "fish are friends, not food" and when I look at this archetype, I can't help but think about myself since people have a tendency to judge others for the outside or what society says instead of reality. The same thing happened to Marland, being a clown fish, everyone expected him to be funny. This situation happens to me all the time since I don't look like a Latin woman but I was born in Argentina, and I have Latin blood. The other day, I was in the elevator and there was a person trying to speak Spanish. When somebody pointed out to her that I spoke Spanish, she looked at me shocked like "really?" and I responded in my perfect non-American accent Spanish. I find it fascinating how people assume I am American because I am white and have red hair... The same thing happens when I say I am a witch. People tend to think I am too pretty to be a witch, or that all witches are evil. I find it interesting to break those archetypes and be a channel for people to change their mindset or vision.

As I look back at my trip to Monterey, I can see that one of the lessons was to let go of fear and live freely, be playful like the dolphin, be like the turtles in Nemo who were cool and free and let others experiment. Don't set boundaries that are so strong that will prevent you from living fully. Don't allow fear to lead your life. Just go with the flow and make today the best day of the rest of your life. In the end, it is not what we do or our roles that define us, but living a life filled with happiness and love, trying new things, and never being afraid to follow our hearts.

Blessings )0(

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