Sunday, October 3, 2010

Settling for a less than perfect life

There are days when I wonder whether I am settling for less than a perfect life or if I am living fully. As I was talking to my best friend about risk management, I couldn't help but noticed that sometimes we have situations we accept as they are, others that we mitigate and others that we avoid completely. In my life, when I look at my work, I am between mitigating or accepting but is that the way to live my life. Should I work in a place that does not make me happy, does not hold my passion, but brings me money? The same happens with some relationships in my life where I know the relationship is not the best, but I end up accepting it as it is because it is better than walking away. When I look at these situations, I realize every day I am making the decision to remain how I am or to change. I always have the opportunity to change if I want to. I am not pushed to stay in the job I am or continue with the relationships that don't fulfill me. It is up to me to make a decision to live the best life I can live or to settle for a less than perfect life.

Today, I went for a walk with some friends and it was the perfect walk. It was like a sign from the Universe saying... "you see, you can have it all; life can be perfect if you want it to be; you have the power" During this walk, there was lightening and that reminded me of the card "The Tower" in the tarot where lightning strikes and breaks away the old structures to leave space to the new. It was dark and the moon was shining and for the first part of the walk, the Moon was all we could see. Goddess was guiding us strongly. Then, as the sun started coming out, light started illuminating the trails bringing balance from dark to light. During the walk we could hear some coyotes howling and that was the first time that happened to us. It was interesting because although I felt a little fear, I still remained strong knowing that I was safe even when the situation was unknown. To finish this perfect walk, the rain started pouring, washing away the old, the parts that were broken by the lightning. As you can see, the walk was full of symbolism. Breaking structures, letting go of fear, facing the difficult situations, trusting the unknown, and letting Goddess guide you. Harmony is all around and as there is light, there is dark, as there is happiness, there is sadness. As there is fun, there is also responsibility. We can choose to remain afraid and not go for the best life we could live, but we also have the power to make the best of our lives, follow our hearts' desires and make sure that we live every day as if it was the last. Never settle for less than a perfect life.

Blessings )0(

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