Sunday, October 31, 2010

When the veil is at the thinnest

The wheel keeps turning and here we are, back on Samhain, when the veil is at the thinnest and we are able to connect with our ancestors. We are back in the cauldron of transformation initiating our journey within as the days get shorter and darker. It is time to start our descent like Innana and find those parts of ourselves that we want to transmute, let go, and heal so we can be reborn next spring.

When I look back at all the things that have taken place since last Samhain, I have a mixed feeling as it feels like last Samhain was yesterday but at the same time feels so long ago since many things have happened. Last Samhain, I was initiated as a High Priestess and I was lost in what my Priestess purpose would be. I received the initiation but I did not know where I would go from there. My teacher told me just to sit and listen, and that's what I did. By January, I started connecting with the Spanish speaking community and writing rituals in Spanish. In March, Circulo de Isis was born. In May, I started translating the liturgy for the Fellowship of Isis... one thing took me to the next... one step at a time. Three weeks ago, I was blessed by Lady Olivia Robertson on my work with the Spanish speaking community and received the title of Priestess Hierophant and Circulo de Isis became a Lyceum. This time, I know where I am going and what I want to accomplish in the next year; the things that I would like seeing manifested by Samhain next year. With a clear path and clear intent, I know I can make those things happened. As a Priestess Hierophant, I seek to nurture the inner strength of the individual, helping others to find balanced expression of their own uniqueness. In order to achieve this, I need to make sure that I also do my personal work. One thing I like is to lead by example. I couldn't tell somebody to do something if I am not doing it myself. I can not empower women if I am not empowered myself. Being able to see ourselves in the mirror and not deny the areas that we need to work on is part of being a good leader and a good Priestess. Many leaders lose sight of the purpose when they allow themselves to believe that they know everything, when they forget to do their own work and keep the checks and balances to make sure they don't go on an ego trip. We are all human and power can corrupt people. It's easy to fall in the traps of our own ego. That's why it is so important to do our own shadow work, know our weaknesses, know our shadow, because in that shadow is also our power.

Today, when the veil is at the thinnest, I allow myself to sit, listen and see with my heart so I can connect with the women that came before me. Who like me want to see a world that is filled with love, with beauty, with Goddess, with harmony, with equality, with power. A world where we are all equal, where there are not differences. A world where people are respectful, where people don't take anything for granted. A world that accepts all religions and where there is no a struggle for which religion is better or which one is the only one accepted. A world where children can be children and play instead of fighting in a war like in some countries. A world that is not controlled by fear but is empowered so each person can share his or her gifts fully. This is one of my visions. I know it will take a lot of work to make it happen and it is not a one person job, but it all starts with one spark. Let this be the spark that we need to change the course of this world and make it better for our future generations.

Blessings )0(

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