Monday, October 11, 2010

Transitioning back from the Oasis

As anytime one finishes ritual and needs to come back to this plane, I am trying to transition back from the place between the worlds I've been for the past weekend since Friday afternoon. For months and months, I waited patiently for this weekend to come so I could have the opportunity to meet Lady Olivia Robertson, Linda Iles - my teacher, and DeTraci Regula among other people I admire in the Fellowship of Isis. Every year, for Columbus day, the Fellowship of Isis has a Convocation at Isis Oasis Temple in Geyserville, California. This was my first time participating in this event and I have to admit it, I was a little nervous. Not only I was going to participate in the event but I was also preparing myself to receive a public blessing from Lady Olivia, and my father was coming with me. Yes, you read it right! My father who comes from Argentina, who speaks little to no English but has traveled all over the world was attending the Convocation at Isis Oasis. My father has supported my Priestess path for the past few years to the point that he now has a Kwan Yin altar in his home so I felt pretty comfortable bringing him along. Nonetheless, I did not know what to expect and I was not sure if this event was his cup of tea and how he would deal with the magickal energies that were all around us in that beautiful place.

When we arrived on Friday, we found out we would be in the Neith room. Neith is the Goddess of Weaving and She weaves people lives creating opportunities for new beginnings as well as making connections and creating a network. Perfect room for a perfect event since I did make some powerful connections! The room looked magickal with all the decorations and it even had a spinning wheel so I felt like I was transported to a different plane. This room was definitely powerful and even my dad was amazed by the energies of the place and the room itself. Before leaving for the retreat, I gave him an azabache bracelet for protection (not that I thought something would happen to him but just for him to bring back to Argentina for protection), and on Friday he could not find the bracelet anywhere. Saturday morning, when he wakes up, the bracelet was sitting next to his pillow. Yes! You got it! He was a little freaked out about that. As soon as I woke up he told me "I think there are other energies protecting us here now". After that conversation, I went to the bathroom and this was my first time sharing a bathroom with everyone in the lodge. It was funny to go wash my teeth and say hi to people I just met the night before. People who know me know that I am one that needs her space and don't like proximity with people I don't know, but somehow, I felt comfortable with the people in the retreat so it was not that bad.

Saturday was a day filled with knowledge and power. I got to participate in two powerful classes, one about Isis of 10,000 names where I learned about numerology and how Isis came to be the Goddess of 10,000 names. Then, DeTraci Regula presented her book "Sounding the Sistrum, Rhythms & Ritual" and we created our own sistrum amulets!!! I highly recommend this book if you like working with sound. I really discover uses for the sistrum that I was not aware before!! After the two classes, I felt I needed some time to meditate and just be on my own. During that afternoon I discovered that Sekhmet has been calling me during the past few months since I dedicated myself to her and Isis but Isis has been taking the main role in my life and Sekhmet has been sitting on the side waiting patiently for her turn but as you know Sekhmet is not one of patience so she has set me on fire for the past three months, intoxicated me with the energies I am feeling and trying to say "you say you want to live a life of passion.. here you go... show me how you live passionately" This was a great discovery for me since I've been wondering what was going on... asking myself what Isis wanted from me with all these emotions and feelings that were coming up... Little did I know that Sekhmet was the one that was having her pawns on me and trying to claim her Priestess.

On Saturday night, we watched a play called Peace Pilgrim. This play was about a woman who decided to sell everything and start walking for peace. As she walked, she found that living a life of purpose brings peace for people and that we have derailed from our purpose by getting confused with material things. Many times we put material things first and without knowing, we sacrifice our happiness since money does not bring happiness and it is more fulfilling to live the life you were meant to live than the one that this society wants you to live. For me, my passion is rooted in my Priestess work, in being that bridge that connects people to Goddess and to bring Goddess to people. My tools are words and writing is my power.

On Sunday morning, my father and I participated in a gnostic mass to Sophia and Mary Magdalene. This was the first time my father had experienced a mass performed by Priestesses. There were four Priestesses and it was amazing to see how each supported the other. Coming from a Catholic background, it was amazing to see my father being able to participate in this mass and be fully present even when he did not understand the language. We took communion and I was amazed at how he would participate and make the Priestesses smile. Sometimes I wish I had his confidence since he was able to stand there and not feel any time of nervousness. For me, I am the shy one, the one that prefers to be observing but not being the center of attention.

On Sunday afternoon, I had to face one of my fears which is standing up in front of people and talking. During the ordination ceremony, Lady Olivia gave me a blessing for my work with Circulo de Isis and translating the liturgy to Spanish. When I got to the stage and stood up in front of her, I could feel butterflies in my stomach. There were about 50 people all looking at me receiving this blessing. At that point, Lady Olivia told me that I was already a Priestess of Isis but since I am working with words that if I would want to extend my service to Seshat who is the Goddess of Words and Writing. Yes was my answer! After that, I had to stand up and tell everyone what I was going to do with this blessing and I stood strong even when I was feeling so small and said that I want to be able to teach the College of Isis in Spanish and ordain Priestesses who can pass this work along in Spanish. It was a very powerful moment for me and I think I will never forget this weekend. It was amazing to see my father's proud face when I was receiving the blessing. It was as a graduation date, he had the same face!

One of the things I learned this weekend is that we need to put our heart first before anything else. Isis is the Goddess of Love first and foremost and living a life based on our passions and our hearts is the way to live it. We could live in our heads but that will not lead us to happiness. Living from the heart will. That's why I want to live a life of devotion, compassion, love and service. That's my calling and as I transition back from the Oasis, I know I am a stronger Priestess and I am always committed to my path and to live from the heart.

Blessings )0(

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  1. Bright Bountiful Blessings Be Upon Thee, sister. Welcome to the Body of Sekhmet. May you always remember the feelings and the beauty of the moment of your "graduation."
    Many things will be asked of us during the coming storm and, to remain steadfast in our path, we must all remember to strike a balance between head and heart.

    Lady Sekhmet,
    Veteran Priestess of Sekhmet