Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Like a surfer riding the BIG Wave

This year has been one of those years where I feel my life has been balanced between good and evil. For every good thing that happens, one bad happens as well with the same frequency. Like a pendulum swinging from good to bad to good to bad again. At the beginning of the year, I got my car broken into. At that time, I felt violated, not safe, and fragile. That event was balanced with the amazing creation of Circulo de Isis Iseum and visiting the Temple of Isis for the first time.

At the middle of the year, I started working on a translation project and I got scammed but at the same time, I got to travel to Buenos Aires and ordain the first Priestess of Circulo de Isis Iseum, a wonderful woman who has become one of my closest friends.

Now, I am less than a week away from receiving an ordination from Lady Olivia Robertson and yes, as everything amazing in life comes with the blocks in the road. This morning, I woke up to find out that somebody had been making some charges to my account. As I called the bank to cancel the card, the charges kept coming through and I could see my account getting drained. I could hear myself telling the bank employee "make it stop, cancel the card now" It was one of the most horrible experiences ever because I felt powerless and weak. I could not make it stop, I could not prevent it, I could not mitigate that risk. It just happened and there was nothing I could do. I was happy that somehow I decided to check the bank account this morning and prevent more charges but it did not make me feel better.

Lately, I feel like a surfer riding a BIG Wave, I can feel the power buzzing, I can feel the energy, but I also feel the chaos and become more and more aware of the lack of control we all have. Sometimes, we just need to let go and trust that everything happens for a reason, both good and evil, and that in the end once we ride the BIG Wave, we can get to the shore knowing that we are safe and fine.

Blessings )0(

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