Friday, April 27, 2012

Boiling Water.....

Do you ever get those moments when something sets you off and the fire starts burning and you feel you are about to blow up? All you can think is "Off with their heads!!!!" Yes, I am a very passionate woman and hot Latin blood runs through my veins. I have many times when somebody says something that sets me off or the person cuts in front of me on the road. Yes, we all have experienced the person that knows how to push the buttons and get us all fired up. Since I started working with Ava Park and her Queen Teachings, one of my goals has been to move from a reactionary place to a non-reactionary place. The Queen is not fiery, she is water, she is cool, she is a visionary and not a reactionary.

This is one of the hardest lessons for me so far because I tend to get angry fast and furious, and when I attack, I am usually the one hitting where it hurts the most and I regret it after because I usually say something I did not mean but I was hot, I was not thinking clearly and my Queenly reflective pool was just full of dirt floating around.... 

Today, I was at work and there was an incident that made me extremely angry. Yes, I went from 0 to 180 in a second. As I was feeling this I was thinking of water... water... water... oh no boiling water!!!!! I was so upset I couldn´t even think clearly but while I was in the moment, I kept thinking... where´s my Queen? Where did she go? Where is my cool as water self? My pool is getting dirty again and I am moving backwards... Yes, awareness is the first tool for change and men was I aware that I was reacting? Yes, I was. I could feel my heart rate racing, my blood warming up, my temperature raising and the fact that I was reaching the level of attack. I tried not to react and even though I did say a few things that were not my most gracious self, I was stating that my boundaries were being crossed and I was not happy about that. When I got home, I decided to go into the silence. I haven´t meditate in years but today I felt that I need to go back to that practice as I need to quiet the waters that were very murky and agitated. After 30 minutes on focusing on my breathing and being in complete silence I felt I regain my Queenly being and that I was cool as water once again, ready to try again and get back on the track.

Yes, there will be times the water will start boiling but it´s up to us to decide to not let it become a geiser exploding out of control. One of my Queen Laws of Life is that I manifest my reality and that if I change my thoughts, I can change my reality so taking this law into effect, I got back to meditation and regain my water self. I am 100% responsible for my reality and the vision for my realm. Each day is a lesson and today I was faced with boiling water.

Many blessings,

Carolina )0(
Presiding Priestess of the Circulo de Isis
Note: Thank you Ava Park for bringing the Queen Teachings to my life and being a wonderful mentor and an amazing role model.


  1. What a lovely expression ... very clear, and very passionate! This shows that The Queen is not perfect, The Queen is not the one who "never gets angry" .... The Queen is the one who sees clearly what is really happening in the moment .... and has the discipline to act from her best self as much as possible. I so admire Carolina, a very mature and self-actualized woman who is bringing good things to the world. It is a great pleasure to work with her personally in exploring her brilliant and powerful Queen Aspect and nature. Thank you, Carolina! --Ava, "Queen of Your Realm"

    1. Thank you Ava for your words! They really mean a lot to me.

  2. I am new to your blog, Priestess, and thank you for your insights. I have been a long admirer of Isis and those who worship her. I agree that a person should have control of her faculties. Still couldn't the over stressing of control imply passive acceptance of having ones boundary crossed and encourage further invasions?

    1. Dear Kemo,
      Thank you for your comments! The way I see it is not about accepting others cross my boundaries but stating my boundaries in a neutral way without anger or showing myself emotional. When we get to a place of reacting from emotions, every party shuts down. The one that is angry can not express herself clearly and the one receiving also shuts down and does not engage or engages from an angry place as well. Many blessings!