Monday, April 16, 2012

Queen of Shadows

I´ve been participating in the class Goddess Rising by Lady Yeshe Rabbit at the Sacred Well and this week, the topic was The Queen of Shadows. When I was telling one of my friends the topic of the class, she told me "mmm that sounds gloomy" and I couldn´t help but think why would shadow work would seem gloomy to some, why the dark side has such a bad reputation, why it is scary to look at that place where we hide our challenging parts as well as our hidden power. 

Lady Yeshe Rabbit compared our shadow to a compost pile where we have lots of elements that are festering and transforming but there has to be somebody that looks after it so it can bear the fruit of serving as fertilizer for the future and to help us grow the seeds. The shadow is the void, it is the place of pure potential waiting for that seeds to come and grow, it is the space for us to create. Like a womb that allows a baby to grow in the dark, the shadow is the place where our latent desires reside. It is like an onion and it has many layers but if we look close, we can start peeling those layers off and making space for those great dreams to manifest.

Many times we associate the shadow with our negative traits... Yes, I am jealous. Yes, I am controlling. Yes, I complain sometimes. Yes, I have volatile emotions and I can get very angry fast. All these characteristics are part of my shadow and as  Lady Yeshe Rabbit said "The priestess is not one without flaws. She is actually full of flaws and her job is to work on her flaws and show the rest of the world that it is safe to do so. It is ok to look at our shadows and heal those wounds so we can evolve." That description of a Priestess really resonated with me since I´ve been doing shadow work for a long time and I am always in a continuous place of self-evaluation and adjusting myself to continue growing.

The other day, I was watching the show "Game of Thrones" and there was a scene that really reminded me of this work. In the last episode of season one, Daenerys faces her fears. She decides to burn her husband and let him go because he was dying and he was no longer himself, burn the bad witch who had tricked her into making a spell to keep her husband alive even though he was dying from an infection, and herself. With her, she carried three dragon eggs, the seeds of potential. Although people were trying to disuade her from getting into the circle of fire, she stepped into it. She knew transformation needed to take place and in order to do so, she needed to burn her fears away and transform herself. The following day, as people wake up, they see her and she has not burned, she is alive and three baby dragons were born. She faced her fears, she conquer her beast and now she has given birth to the future.

How many times you have refused to let go of something you knew did not serve you anymore but you were attached to it? What is holding you back? What is sucking your energy? What are your fears? Awareness is a great tool and it can help us see what we need to work on. We need to be able to be aware, to see, to feel, to let go, to move on so we can evolve. 

After I came back from the Sacred Well, I started a 14 day candle with the following spell written on it "I release, I let go, I surrender to the flow, I transmute, I transform, I am powerful, I am whole, I evolve". I know I will be burning that candle for over a month every day to prepare for my trip back home. My intention is not to make my shadow disappear but it is to look within, see what needs to be released, and let go so I can make space for the new to grow.

I invite you to be brave, to look within and find those aspects that are not as charming or pretty and work with them. As we release the energy tied in those items, we will have more energy to manifest those things that are really important to us. Don´t let fear rule your life. Live from the heart and be the powerful being you are meant to be.

Blessed be!

Lady Carolina

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