Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Impersonal

The other day, I was talking to my best friend and he mentioned that there had been an accident near the dental place I usually go and that a father and his daughter died when they were run by a car. My first response was to say "that´s very sad; when it is your day, it is your day". Then I went on explaining how I believe that when we come to earth we sign a contract with the life experiences we need to have to evolve and grow, and maybe this tragic event was part of the contract for the driver who will have to learn to live with this experience and also for the mother/wife who will have to experience the sadness of her husband and daughter dying in such a horrible accident.  My friend thought my answer was very cold and almost heartless. It was interesting to hear him say "you gave me your Queen answer".  

"My Queen Answer", that phrase has resonated in my mind since the conversation because in a way, I did give my Queen answer. The Queen is impersonal. She is not going to let sad situations linger in her mind. She will look at the situation, evaluate how it impacts her realm, vision and plan, then execute. In this way, this situation did not have any impact on my Realm and I did what I do best as a Priestess. I went to my altar and lit a candle for those gone and also for those remaining so they can find the light to understand that no matter how hard life is, the show must go on and everything will make sense in the end, even the most tragic experiences.

There had been many times in the past when people have thought I was heartless, cold, impersonal because I would be able to look at my Realm and make the tough decisions. Yes, it was not easy to put my mother in the hospital when she was begging me to stay home but it was what was best for her at that moment, and it was the decision that was best for all concern. Sometimes we need to look heartless because we are acting for the best of all. The Queen can not think of the personal, she can not think of how one event impacts one person, she needs to think about how that event impacts all and what sacrifices need to be made for the best of all. She is concern about the All. She is concerned about the forest, not the tree.

The Queen is sitting at the center, observing, evaluating, and acting upon her vision for the Realm. It may look cold and heartless for the outsider but know she cares about everyone in her realm and she wants the best for all within her Realm. She will not spend energy in things that will not have an impact because that energy may be better used to hold the vision for her Realm.

The Queen is Impersonal and I am a Queen.

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina )0(
Note: Thank you Ava Park for bringing the Queen Teachings to my life! 

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